Jesus had a plan for building disciples and He transferred that plan to His followers.





“And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.” 

2 Timothy 2:2 (ESV)



WDA serves the Church by offering training and resources to:

  • emphasize the priority and Biblical imperative of disciple building

  • teach Christ’s practical & life-centered approach to building disciples

  • build disciples who build disciples

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WDA Free Webinars give you an opportunity to learn about one of our discipleship fundamentals while interacting with a WDA trainer.  Each Webinar is a doorway toward new opportunities to attend online courses and 1 day intensives. WDA Training Courses and Seminars build mature leaders.


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Life Coaching Webinar, 5 Week Course and 1 Day Intensive

Are you passionate about helping others grow spiritually and emotionally through intentional and strategic mentoring?   

Become certified as a Life Coach through Worldwide Discipleship Association and receive training, tools, and guidance for mentoring and discipling, coordinating appointments, developing strategic growth initiatives, and implementing a step-by-step launch process.

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Biblical Framework

Biblical Framework Training gives an overview of Christ’s ministry and method of building disciples, the R-CAPS© Grid and WDA’s Ministry Approach.

Small Groups

Small Groups Training provides the church or lay leader with Biblical strategy for effective discipleship in a small group environment, which is the fertile soil in which Christlike maturity can be cultivated and thrive. 


Cornerstone Training along with Small Groups Training will give an overview of the content of cornerstone and give leaders the skills to lead effectively with new Christians and Young Believers.

Equipping for Ministry Training

Equipping for Ministry Training will provides a plan and strategy for helping your people learn both the skills related to ministry to others but also allow small group discipleship for developing the character and heart for ministry.

Restoring Your Heart

Restoring Your Heart Leaders Training will give your leaders the skills to facilitate a group, understanding the dynamics of how groups function, how to develop safety and model the process of restoration.

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WDA can help provide trained leaders to train your leaders.

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Learn about WDA and our approach to building disciples, training leaders and building disciple building culture. 

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