winding path

winding pathThis was advice given to me by one of my professors when I expressed my distress to him over not being able to find a job immediately after graduating form my Master’s program. Needless to say, that was not exactly what I wanted to hear. I would rather have heard, “Oh, I know someone who is hiring and you would be perfect for that job. I will call them right away and you will probably have the job tomorrow.”

Yeah, that would have been nice. Nice and easy.

Trusting the process doesn’t sound quite as promising or quite as easy. But, having no other choice, I began trusting the process. And it wasn’t easy. In fact, it was rather hard.

However, through a series of steps, God led me to the perfect job that He had in mind just for me.

Trusting the process, that seemingly scary walk down a path of unknowns, is exactly what is required for emotional healing.

And of course, the first step to trusting the process is entering into the process. This is a step that most of us do rather reluctantly. We already know it won’t be easy, it may be long and we will get tired and discouraged along the way.

God, in His infinite love for us, has designed a healing process for emotional problems a process that has many components. Since we all need healing in different areas, in different degrees and in different ways, God Himself directs our healing process. And true to God’s character, He tailor makes a healing process just for us.

Read this week’s Pocket Principle, “Healing from Emotional Problems” to learn more about how to begin trusting your own process towards emotional health.

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Needy-05-30-12Did you ever have anyone in your life who you just wanted to turn to and yell, “Why are you so needy?” Sometimes it might even be your own child, or spouse. Sometimes it is a person who truly IS too needy and no matter what you do for them, they always need more. I know I have had people in my life from time to time that I just avoid, because they are always exhaustingly trying to get their needs met.

When I am honest, I recognize that I am not always the best at getting my own needs met. Sometimes I don’t even know what my needs are. I just know I NEED something.

And of course we have all kinds of different needs. We need air to breathe, we need food and water, we need clothing and shelter, we need rest, we need stimulation, we need each other, and the list goes on.

As you look at this Pocket Principle, you will discover an interesting fact. The reason we have needs and the reason we are all so needy is because God created us that way. Read on to discover what God had in mind when He created us with needs and how he had planned all along to satisfy our needs.

Read the Pocket Principle – Understanding People: Created with Needs


Get this Pocket Principle in Understanding People, part of Cornerstone  from the WDA Store

For more information visit the WDA Store.