Great ExchangeEach June WDA staff meet together for an annual conference.  This year as different ministries presented stories about what God has been doing, we were able to hear from Jon Deans who is leading a ministry called the Great Exchange.

By creating opportunities where staff and students ask questions and listen to others, God is opening up opportunities for the message of the gospel to be presented.  Listen to Jon share about the Great Exchange and pray for WDA as we partner with churches and student ministries on campuses to bring the Great Exchange and the message of the gospel to college students.

Listen to Jon’s Presentation of the Great Exchange on this audio clip from our WDA Conference.

mp3 Audio 20 minutes

This Wednesday March 5 at UGA Tate Center

This week at the University of Georgia, this spring break, and around the south The Great Exchange is partnering with campuses and ministries to bring the message of the gospel to students.

Great Exchange

“There is an unprecedented opportunity to reach 20 year olds on the university campus.

The Great Exchange team has found this next generation of young people to be extremely open to hearing and responding to the good news of the Gospel. They are not attracted to religion or our entertainment, but when we begin to discuss the mans that God had made for us to know Him they are very intrigued.

At the University of Georgia we are having hundreds, not just dozens, of ongoing conversations about Jesus. It is an exciting, attractive atmosphere and students find it fun and exhilarating. It is a lot like being at the Areopagus in Athens in Acts 17.”

Watch the videos to learn more about how God is using Great Exchange as WDA partners with other campuses and ministries to bring Evangelistic Events to campuses.


Evangelism is just the beginning, as many who come to Christ need to grow spiritually.  As students come to know Christ, ministries see the need to help people grow.

WDA provides training and resources to help people continue to grow to maturity after they make a profession of faith in Christ.