Mt Kilmanjaro

I arrived in Tanzania at 9:00 on Sunday evening and made the 1-hour trip to Moshi, a town near the airport.  Every time I’m in Moshi, it reminds me of a wild west town.  I was stuck here a couple of years ago when the sun was just beginning to set and the buses had stopped running.  I finally found a hotel with one long hall, with the only toilet at the end of the hall.  The electricity went off as soon as I checked in, but I had my trusty flashlight along.  My stomach was upset because I had eaten some VERY rare goat with a Masai chieftain and I kept running back and forth down the hall and back with my toilet paper in one hand and the flashlight in the other!  That’s the memory of Moshi that sticks with me.

Although the road between the airport and town is considered a highway, it’s very narrow and several times I had to close my eyes so I didn’t see what was happening. Dickson took me to a hotel and we checked in so we could both get some sleep before the seminar began on Monday morning. I was really pleased with the way Dickson set up the seminar. There were 20 pastors who attended, which was a good number for that area. They were very attentive and a real joy to teach. They’re excited about starting to disciple their people.

Please be praying for us as we move to teach for Charles Sengasu and his pastors’ group. Charles was in the group I lived with and taught in Lushoto for six weeks, in ’94. Charles is a pastor who works discipling other pastors. He’s a really faithful man. Pray also for my strength. I’ll be teaching three seminars in a row without a day off.

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Arusha Tanzania

At 2:00 on Saturday I’ll be on a plane, headed for Detroit and my final destination of Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania.  Pastor Nnko, our Associate staff in Tanzania for almost twenty years, was a prolific church planter before he died in 2012.  Nnko began almost 25 churches and each one is pastored by one of his disciples.  He named the churches all ‘Grace Evangelical Church’ because he thought that was a cool name!

Dickson Lazier is one of his disciples.  Dickson pastors the church in Arusha, which was built by a group of men from our church here in Fayetteville.  I’ll be teaching three seminars for Nnko’s disciples since they are like sheep without a shepherd since he died.  I hope to re-focus their vision on helping their people to grow in Christ-like character.

Please be praying for Dickson and Pastor Charles Sengasu as they coordinate the seminars and for health and strength for me.

Thanks, Ken

Dickson's Church
Dickson’s Church
Arusha Tanzania
Arusha Tanzania









WDA Restorative Team Brazil 2012Perhaps the most surprising thing about Jao Pessoa and the other communities where Jack, Margo, and Everette taught in August was a palpable spiritual darkness in the area of sexual immorality. Everette told me the prominence of abuse, promiscuity, and prostitution in the community had created deep emotional wounds and a spiritual stronghold for people in the church that Margo and Jack reported was almost tangible.

In previous years, the Restorative Team’s seminar and the resulting “Restoring Your Heart” groups have brought hidden immorality and emotional problem to light in some church members. This has created problems for the church. Jack says, “They left [the church] and went into lifestyles that were immoral.” But after a period of time, he reports they came back to their senses and rejoined the church.

So this time when the team arrived Jack told me, “A lot of the people who had been caught in the problems after we left were back [in the church] and were now ready to take a hard look at their lives, because there were issues in their lives that caused the problems to start with and when we got there it all made sense to them.” Those individuals are now back in Restoring Your Heart groups and taking a serious look at the wounds and sin issues that had created road blocks in their discipleship journeys.

The future is bright for the Restorative Team’s work in Brazil. If all goes well with the re-launch of Restoring Your Heart, Jack is hopeful that many of group members will go on to train new leaders and plant new groups. New opportunities for teaching continue to emerge not only in Jao Pessoa but also in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Meanwhile, initial reports on new Restoring Your Heart groups are extremely encouraging.

*The Restorative Ministry is dedicated to teaching churches (and other ministries) how to help people heal emotionally and relationally. We believe that a major roadblock to a person’s spiritual growth is unresolved emotional issues from their past. Our Restoring Your Heart Ministry trains people in churches and in other ministries to help people through a healing process that will enable them to become healthier in all their relationships, including their relationship with God.

Location: Rio Tinto & Jao Pessoa, Brazil

Trainers: Jack LarsonMargo TheivagtEverette Albrecht

I’m excited about the way our ministry has continued to offer opportunities for our friends to join us as we help serve the church around the world.  WDA has some great folks who volunteer their time and give of their own resources to travel around the world, serve in the local church, participate with our next generation ministry, and help here at the WDA Headquarters.

Here are a few examples:

Carroll and Shirley Coakley have been long time partners with WDA from our early days as we began a campus ministry at the University of Tennessee.  Carroll and Shirley have both also served WDA by teaching pastors overseas.  Their participation with our International Ministry has taken them to many countries to help teach pastors and leaders who do not have the ability to get biblical training elsewhere.  They have gone at risk to their health and also at their own financial cost.  The Coakley’s are two of our “unsung” heroes with WDA.

Roger Gillam is a professional electrician and building contractor who has gone with WDA on many missions’ trips to Africa and taken responsibility for building projects, particularly with the orphanage in Karatu, Tanzania.

Mike Wolf is working with the international team to help develop a new international training and policy manual.

Beverly Keller, having been trained as a Restoring Your Heart Leader in her local church, is now an integral part of developing materials for the Restorative Ministry and leading and training new leaders.

Recently our Headquarters Team has been blessed with volunteers like Sue Nichols, an elementary school teacher looking for work, who is using her ‘waiting’ time to help the Administrative Team by gathering information for our databases, mailing materials, and helping with other general office tasks.  Also, Jeff Edwards, a local CPA, is volunteering by assisting and assessing our bookkeeping department in the area of donor relations, receipting, payroll and staff accounts.

We have others, with backgrounds in building, electrical and landscaping, who help with our grounds and office building.

There are lots of ways for you to serve with WDA!  Currently, we’re asking God for an Alumni Coordinator to work with volunteer representatives from each WDA campus.  These folks would coordinate and contact alumni from our current and past Next Generation Ministries.  As we are approaching our 40th anniversary as an organization, we want to connect with as many of our ministry alumni as possible.  As a WDA alumnus, you may want to help us reconnect with your classmates from your particular school or ministry.

In order to learn about these and other opportunities, please visit our contact page and click on ”volunteer.”