WDA announces new discipleship training partnership in India.

Bihar, India

We are excited to announce that WDA is officially planning to establish an ongoing training partnership with a coalition of churches in the province of Bihar, India.  Pastor E. Abraham of Neighbor Hope Ministries (Headquartered in CO, USA) and his staff have invited us to train the NHM executive leadership team, with a view toward offering our training and resources to a coalition of nearly 1200 churches in the region sometime in the future.

On November 4, Mike (a WDA board member) and Angela Wolf along with Bob and Linda Dukes will travel to Bihar, to formally and relationally establish this new partnership.


The goals of this trip are:

1] Train a core group of NHM leaders in WDA’s philosophy of ministry and in specific ministry skills,

2] Equip them how to use our resources, most likely (initially) our Cornerstone Project (Cornerstone is WDA’s new name for the combination of our “Getting Started” and “Laying Foundations” materials) and,

3] Assess long-term needs and forge relational connections as we visit their network of churches and schools in the province.


Our desire is to lay a foundation for future support and training, both with WDA and through our 2820 Partner-Churches.

In preparation for this new endeavor we ask you to join us in prayer. Please pray for

  • Protection against spiritual warfare.
  • The Lord to go before us to open doors and open hearts.
  • A coalition of unified leaders to train.
  • New disciple building associations, both U.S. based and overseas, that will join with us in this long-term project.

In addition to the cost of travel we also seek funding to provide WDA materials translated into Hindi. If you would like to support this project, please click on the following link India International Trip.

Online donation system by ClickandPledge

We are very excited about what God is doing and look forward to sharing with you our progress on this great adventure!


 Known by some as the “graveyard of Missionaries”, Bihar is famously resistant to the gospel. But 30 Years after Elvatta Abraham first founded it, ECFC ministries is responsible for 4 schools, 2 orphanages, clean water projects, a bible school, and 1800 house churches across 5 states.


But success came slow to Abraham. It was 8 years before he saw a single convert. He suffered years of rejection from the community. Meanwhile, his family struggled on the edge of poverty and depression. His current ministry success is underpinned by decades of perseverance and resilient hope in unique promises which Abraham felt God gave him from the Bible.


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