Created with Emotions -Boys

Created with Emotions -BoysIt all sounded so simple, back in Genesis. Some dirt, a rib, God’s breath. Man and woman were created so quickly and easily.

It hardly seems possible that the amazingly complex creatures we know ourselves to be were crafted with such seeming effortlessness. But our God had planned us long before the actual event of creation and his design was to make man in His own image. He already had the blueprint.

One of the things we know for sure about God is that He is a God of emotions. He shows anger, He feels tenderness, He weeps, He rejoices. So we, being created in His image, are also created with a full range of emotions.

Emotions are so complex. So hard to define. So hard to explain. Sometimes even so hard to experience. They are not only psychological, they are also physical. We feel emotions in our bodies. When we suppress our emotions they get stored in our bodies as stress. There is a little part of our brain called the limbic system that appears to be most directly involved in emotional responses. And we know how complicated our brains are. An area of always new exploration. Our emotions are so complex that we aren’t even sure exactly where they originate or how or why.

Since God is so complex, and we are created in His image, it follows that we would be complex as well. Not as complex as God, of course, but still sometimes difficult to understand. And it follows that our emotional life would be complex as well. It is a life long journey to understand and express the emotions that give our life spice.

In this week’s Pocket Principle we take a look at some of the ways God designed us when He created us with emotions. We will also discover some healthy ways to think about emotions and some healthy ways to express them. Read on for new insights!


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