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Who Are You Thanking on Thanksgiving?

Ok, so most of us are planning a family gathering on Thanksgiving.  Some of you are most likely wondering if there is any way to avoid the tension and stress as families unite, cooks pack the kitchen, and people arrive bearing side items and desserts. I’m honestly not bothered by the chaos.  However, there are […]

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The Uniqueness Of Each Person

The Uniqueness Of Each Person I’m always amazed when I think of how God created a world that’s filled with incredible diversity and variety. There are different kinds of colors, tastes, sounds, foods, scenery, animals, ideas, types of leisure… (and the list just goes on and on). But one area that is especially intriguing to […]

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Our Relationship with Christ our Brother

Are we alone in the universe?  For centuries people have wondered about the place of mankind in the vastness of space.  Ancient astronomers calculated the movement of the constellations, wondering if there was some connection between the stars and people on earth.  Now, with the development of long-range telescopes, the observable universe has expanded significantly.  […]

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Correcting False Views Of God

Introduction God’s character is described in detail throughout His Word. Sometimes when we read Scripture, we have a difficult time reconciling the words that describe God with our own understanding of God. This may happen because our knowledge of God has been influenced by factors which caused us to develop a false view of Him. […]

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Special Revelation

What is the truth about where we came from, what life is about, and where we’re going? Think about how vast the mysterious universe is, and how impossible it would be to know all about it. Now consider that we have brains that just weigh about three pounds trying to figure it all out! You […]

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Natural Revelation

One of the most wonderful things about God is that He wants everyone to know Him. Everyone! But there are many people in the world (over 6 billion), and most of them live in places where there is limited or no access to the Bible. Does that mean that most of these people can never […]

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