Restoring Your Heart # Day SeminarWhen I began this week’s Restoring Your Heart (RYH) 3 Day Seminar with WDA’s Restorative Ministry Team, I was interested in learning about how I might use this information in two ministry contexts at my church,  a homeless ministry and the Worship Leaders Community of Atlanta Arts Network.

WDA has been developing Restoring Your Heart and field testing this material in a variety of settings.  This 3 Day seminar was a great blend of leader introductions, presented with handouts and powerpoint, and followed by an interactive Q & A session.  During this time the RYH team leaders fielded questions with many practical suggestions for those of us who wondered how a Restoring Your Heart group might work in our context.  Not only were there presentations about How Emotional Problems Develop, the Uniqueness of Restoring Your Heart Groups, and Principles of Group Dynamics, there was an opportunity to experience a Restoring Your Heart Group.

As we watched the Restorative Team and other RYH Group leaders demonstrate how to lead a group we saw how to handle situations that may occur as people begin to identify and work through their emotional hurts. Each demonstration showed how a RYH group can be a place for people to be open and honest to one another and experience significant break throughs in healing.  Even in our short experience, our small group of men were able to see how important it can be for men to share and learn how to express their emotions.  We saw how a RYH group can create a safe place to talk about emotions and address pain from our past.

Many people become stuck in the course of their spiritual journey and find themselves unable to grow spiritually.  WDA’s Restorative Ministry has seen that much of this is due to unresolved pain and emotional hurt which impacts the way we see ourselves, relate to others and even view our heavenly father.  WDA Restoring Your Heart Groups provide a way for people to identify these roadblocks and address them in a safe place.

Using a group setting, a leader and co-leader are able to provide the structure and safety for people to begin to reflect, process and share with one another.  The RYH workbooks are tools for members to begin significant spiritual and emotional healing  by combining self study, reflection and group experiences.  Many people have learned to deal with pain in sinful ways, such as shutting down emotions or addictive and destructive behavior.

WDA’s Restoring Your Heart Materials, combined with the training provided by our Restorative Ministry Team Leaders, give churches and ministries the tools they need to help people begin the process of restoration, healing and continued growth in their relationship with God.

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