group 1I’ve just returned from Tanzania, where I had a great time teaching three seminars. I taught and Pastor Dickson, from Arusha, did the interpreting. Dickson is a great guy who really loves the Lord, and I enjoyed being with him. Our first seminar was in Moshi, a decent sized town by African standards. The second was in Maji Ya Chai (meaning ‘water like tea’), and the third was in Arusha, the second largest town in Tanzania.

group 2

We had a group of twenty pastors and church leaders in Moshi. They were really an enthusiastic group with a lot of good questions. They’re looking forward to getting the Phase II Bible Studies translated into Swahili so they can use it with their people. We’re going to begin that right away. Dickson knows a man who will translate for $3/page, and we’re gathering funds to translate all of the Bible Studies. I met with the man while we were in Arusha, and he seems to be a quality guy who will do a good job.

group 3We also had a group of twenty three at the seminar in Maji Ya Chai. Most of the men in the seminars are young, in the beginning stages of their ministries. The seminars open their eyes to helping their people grow in Christ-like character and they also draw the pastors into a tightly knit group with the same goals.

The seminar in Arusha was held at Dickson’s church. There were twenty six pastors in this seminar and on Tuesday one of the men who had been in my seminar in ‘97 stood up and told the pastors the teaching had made a huge impact on his life and his ministry during these last 15 years. He encouraged them to listen carefully, take good notes, and put it into practice.

warraTwo of our staff men have died during the past two years and I was able to meet with their wives to encourage them and find out what their needs are.

I’ll be home for a few weeks, to gather my strength, then the next trip is in May. Thanks so much for your prayers and financial support, which is making a huge difference in these pastors lives.


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little girl

little girlAs soon as I finished teaching the second seminar we hopped in a taxi for the twenty minute ride to my hotel just outside of Arusha.  We got a place for me to stay and after dinner I crashed.  Teaching six days in a row after flying 24 hours took the stuffing out of me.  Dickson had me scheduled to teach in his church the next day, so I got up early to go over my message, then headed to the church.  I was glad that after lunch at church I was able to go back to the room and rest for a bit.

I’ve had a lot of ugali (thick grits) and beef gravy while I’ve been here.  It’s really good, but a little messy.  You pull off part of the ugali and form it into a ball with a hole partially though it, then you dip it into the gravy and eat it.  The pastors and I had a good laugh at Betty the first time she tried eating gravy with her hands.  She had it dripping halfway to her elbow, but she got the hang of it really fast.

The pastors in the third seminar have had more schooling than the other two groups, so I didn’t have to do as much explaining and we were able to go a little faster.  On the second day one of the men stood up and told the pastors he had been in my seminar in ’97 and how much it has meant in his life and ministry these past 15 years.  He encouraged the pastors to listen  carefully and take good notes, then to make sure they put it into practice.

The seminars are over, now I will be meeting with some of the men who were in my previous seminars and the man who will translate our material into Swahili.  Thanks for praying me through this trip.  I’ll hop on a plane on Saturday and arrive home on  Sunday.  Ken

Ken and a Friend
Ken and a Friend
Scenes from Arusha
Scenes from Arusha












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Please Continue to Pray for WDA, Ken and especially the people who have received training in Disciple Building. WDA is having an impact Worldwide through our staff and leaders around the world.

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Arusha Tanzania

At 2:00 on Saturday I’ll be on a plane, headed for Detroit and my final destination of Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania.  Pastor Nnko, our Associate staff in Tanzania for almost twenty years, was a prolific church planter before he died in 2012.  Nnko began almost 25 churches and each one is pastored by one of his disciples.  He named the churches all ‘Grace Evangelical Church’ because he thought that was a cool name!

Dickson Lazier is one of his disciples.  Dickson pastors the church in Arusha, which was built by a group of men from our church here in Fayetteville.  I’ll be teaching three seminars for Nnko’s disciples since they are like sheep without a shepherd since he died.  I hope to re-focus their vision on helping their people to grow in Christ-like character.

Please be praying for Dickson and Pastor Charles Sengasu as they coordinate the seminars and for health and strength for me.

Thanks, Ken

Dickson's Church
Dickson’s Church
Arusha Tanzania
Arusha Tanzania