Understanding Emotions For Men


by Jack Larson (Author), April von Wedel (Author), Nancy Higgins (Author),

Debbie Connors (Contributor), David Elmore (Contributor), Joseph Hobbs (Contributor), Beverly Keller (Contributor), Kelly Romine (Contributor), Margo Theivagt(Contributor), Lee Tolar (Contributor)


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  • Publisher : Independently published (September 5, 2020)
  • Language: : English


Understanding Emotions for Men: A Safe Small Group Experience


This revised version in 12 Lessons covers the following topics:

Understanding Emotions | Restoring Our Emotions | Biblical Concepts About Emotions, Feeling | Thinking and Acting |  Understanding Our Defenses | Understanding and Confronting Our Fears | Understanding Anger | Dealing With Present Anger | Processing Old Hurt and Anger | Understanding And Dealing With Guilt | Joy – Connecting with God | Continued Healing

From the Introduction:
In the Christian community there is sometimes confusion about the purpose of emotions and their importance to our spiritual growth and maturity. For example, negative emotions may be viewed as sinful or emotions in general may be regarded as not to be trusted or a sign of weakness. God designed us with emotions, so to become a healthy, mature, spiritual man, you must understand how your emotions affect your thinking and acting. You must also learn how to relate to other people and to God in a healthy way at the emotional level. Our emotions are the direct pipeline to our hearts and the means by which we bond and connect at the most basic and intimate level.

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