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Processing Pain is published by Worldwide Discipleship Association

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Processing Pain is a workbook that helps individuals identify past areas of pain and places them on a pathway of forgiveness and healing.

Here’s what you will find inside:

RestoringYourHeart (RYH) was developed for anyone who has ever experienced pain, rejection, or disapointment. The Restoring Your Heart ministry is delivered through safe, gender-specific, small groups facilitated by trained lay leaders. Individuals, congregations, and communities thrive when healing is made available.

What people are saying about RestoringYour Heart:

“I’m a different husband and father because of my Restoring Your Heart group.”

“RYH helped me find freedom from a lie that I believed about myself for years.”

  • Lesson 1 Repeating The Past
  • Lesson 2 How To Process Pain
  • Lesson 3 Family Relational Patterns
  • Lesson 4 Sources Of Childhood Pain
  • Lesson 5 Fear
  • Lesson 6 Shame
  • Lesson 7 Family Roles And The Blessing
  • Connecting With God – Pause For Reflection
  • Lesson 8 Beginning The Grieving Process
  • Lesson 9 How We Grieve
  • Lesson 10 Focusing The Grief Process
  • Lesson 11 Communication (Preparing For Forgiveness)
  • Lesson 12 Understanding Forgiveness
  • Lesson 13 Choosing Forgiveness
  • Lesson 14 Continuing Restoration


  • Addendum A – Development of Emotionally-Based Problems (Three Column Chart)
  • Addendum B – The Restorative Process
  • Addendum C – RYH Group Covenant and Guidelines
  • Addendum D – Feelings Wheel
  • Addendum E – Safe Support System
  • Addendum F – Needs Square
  • Addendum G – Needs of the Heart
  • Addendum H – Expanded Needs Square Addendum I – Connecting with God