How Emotional Problems Develop w Guided Discussions (Special Edition PDF)


Author: Jack Larson

Editing Team: Nancy Higgins Jennifer McClin

Development Team:

Bob Dukes, Margaret Garner, Jack Larson, Margo Theivagt

Publishing Team:

Nila Duffitt, Buddy Eades, Margaret Garner, David Parfitt


This Special Edition PDF features guided discussions.  

Table Of Contents

Page Leader’s Instructions For Using Guided Discussions b

Chapter #1: Created In God’s Image 1

The Source Of Our Struggles Correcting An Imbalance

Chapter #2: How Problems Begin 3

Chapter #3: Sources Of Pain For Children 4The Results Of Unresolved Pain

Chapter #4: Typical Adult Problems That Result From Unprocessed Pain 9

Chapter #5: The Restorative (Healing) Process 11

The Essential Elements Of The Restorative (Healing) Process The Order Of The Restorative Process

Chapter #6: Four Developmental Tasks 14

Chapter #7: Conclusion 17All Of Us Need Restoration

Finding Help Reason For Hope

Addendum A: Development Of Emotionally-Based Problems
(Three Column Chart) 19

Addendum B: The Restorative Process 20

Addendum C: A Biblical View Of Restoration: Isaiah61:1-4 21Six Aspects Of Christ’s Ministry

The Impact Of A Healing (Restoring Your Heart) Ministry
Addendum D: Guided Discussions And Case Studies 25

Answers To The Guided Discussions 38