Created with Needs


Author: Nancy Higgins

Writing Team: Jack Larson, Beverly Keller, David Elmore, Joseph Hobbs, Debbie Connors, Margo Theivagt, Lee Tolar

8.5/11 Paperback


Created With Needs is a workbook that helps individuals identify and understand their needs. They will learn how God and other people play a part in helping them address their needs in healthy ways. Here’s what you will find inside:

  • We All Have Needs
  • God And Your Needs
  • Your Emotional Needs
  • Other Needs
  • The Power Of Experience
  • Addressing Your Needs
  • Barriers To Addressing Your Needs
  • Realistic Expectations
  • Flourishing


Created with Needs:

From the Introduction: “Welcome! This workbook is designed to be a step in your journey toward emotional and relational health. The two primary goals of this workbook are 1) understanding your needs and 2) learning how to address them. Sometimes your thinking, feeling, and acting don’t work well together because your needs have gone unaddressed, in whole or in part, since childhood. Neglected, denied, or unmet needs can cause you to develop incorrect beliefs about yourself, other people, God, and how the world works. Incorrect beliefs may cause you to have difficult relationships with people and trouble emotionally connecting with God.                     

Your needs are powerful drivers that impact every aspect of your life.                     

As you go through this workbook with your small group, you will learn to pay more attention to your needs and discover ways to position yourself to get them met in healthy ways. You will also focus on God’s role in meeting your needs, both directly and indirectly. As your understanding of your needs grows, you will discover ways to deepen your relationships with God and others.”