Disciple Building: Life Coaching with Guided Discussions


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  • Paperback : 213 pages
  • ISBN-13 : 979-8683681616
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The Life Coaching Manual with Guided Discussions has been revised as part of the (Phase IVA) WDA Leadership Institute. Worldwide Discipleship Association provides training for leaders who desire to grow in ministry one-to-one and uses tools like the Christian Growth Checklist and the Need, Goals, Projects (NGP) tool to help disciple builders identify where a person is in their Christian life and help them continue on the journey.

“Life Coaching provides training for lay leaders who aspire to ‘meet people where they are and help them take the next step’ of growth to maturity. It offers a philosophical approach and is carried out through the design and implementation of practical growth projects tailored to individual needs and levels of maturity.” 

Bob Dukes

This manual included the following topics and chapters. 

  • Introduction
  • What Is A Life Coach?
  • The Five Initiatives Of A Life Coach
  • The Two Categories Of Life Coaches
  •  How The Roles Of An Equipping Coach 35 Change
  • Life Coaching: A Practical Strategy
  •  Life Coaching Appointments
  • Life Coaching Recommendations