WDA Staff Conference 2016 (

Power Point Files for Getting Started

Getting Started Introduction

Next Generation Presentation (PDF)

Next Generation Presentation 2016

Phase V-A Unity Presentation by Tim Lane (PDF)

Ephesians 4.1-6–The Necessity of Our Unity-Outline

Devotion by Richard Sharp (PDF)


NEON Presentation by Tom Dawkins (Excel)

NEON talk notes WDA AllStaff 2016


Materials 2016 pdf

WDA Materials List 2016


WDA Conference Audio 

Instructions: To download files to your computer “right click the link below the audio player. From the menu, select “Download Linked File” and the file will be located wherever you have set downloads to go.

Dan Horne: WDA Board Chairman

Dan Horne WDA Board Report Audio 12MB 50min (Right Click to Download file to your computer)

Jesse Dukes

Phase 5a – Dealing with Sin and Conflict 15MB 1 Hour

Jack Larson

Intro to 5A Materials and Ministry Development 15MB  1Hour

Tim Woodruff

Devotion – Communion 5.6 MB  46 Min

Bob Dukes

Ministry Report and Questions -Bob and David 12MB 52 Min