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2019 Letter from the President

2019 Goals

 2019 Staff Conference  General Agenda

  2019 Staff Conference  Detailed Agenda

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January 2019 Publication Report

2019  Payroll Calendar

Ministers’ Taxes Made Easy 2017

2017 WDA Computer Network and Internet Access Policy pdf

RYH Purchase Process

Support Raising Resources:

Christmas ebook:  Andy Andrews Family Traditions


Support Raising Resources 2014-2015

RYH Brochure Redesign September 2015

Sample Year End Letter

Better Times Magazine article about Maturity Matters

28/20 Project: Program Guide PDF

WDA Promotional Video



Expand the Harvest – Capital Fund and Ministry Matters Fund

Expand the Harvest Campaign

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Materials List from HQ

WDA Materials List 2016


Translated Materials List

Translated Materials pdf 



Hope India Mission 2016 Annual Report
CMAP 2016 Annual Report
New Hope Disciple U
 2018 WDA Ministry Partners

WDA Logos 2014


International Funds Transfer Process

International Funds Transfer Process
International Funds Transfer Sample Key
International Funds Transfer Request Form .doc
International Seminar Support Guidelines


Video Release Form

Video Release Form .doc
Video Release Form pdf 


Staff Application
NEW Staff Application Form 2018


Reimbursement Forms

Electronic Reimbursement Form xls spreadsheet
Staff Reimbursement Form printable format pdf


Documents for Support Raising
Electronic Funds Transfer Form
Classy guide to Customer Service for non profits
R-CAPS Grid with WDA Info


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Policy Manual
WDA Policy Manual (6/2011)

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