Begin to build leaders!

Read Disciple Building: A Biblical Framework and learn how we see Jesus building leaders.

Start a Discipleship Group or Life Coaching relationship where you can see how our approach works.  We would start with our Cornerstone Materials with a small group of leaders.

Prayerfully consider if this approach to disciple building works for you and call us!

“Churches are like people: no two are alike.  Every church has a unique history, culture, tradition, even a personality; so ‘one size doesn’t fit all.’  Programs that may be effective in suburban Chicago or southern California may not be as helpful in your church.  Presenting people complete in Christ involves more than holding a conference or reading a book.  Effective discipleship approaches need to be uniquely crafted to meet the needs of each community of believers.” Bob Dukes, WDA President

So where do you start?

  1. Read Disciple Building: A Biblical Framework 
  2. Start a group and experience discipleship firsthand
  3. Contact us and learn how WDA Consultants help you and your team design and build a progressive approach to disciple building that fits your context.

We have leaders who can help you think though how you can take what you do as a disciple builder and create a movement in your church and ministry where leaders are built to Christlike maturity.  WDA offers an arrangement where our representatives help your leaders determine the best programs and practices for implementing progressive discipleship and for managing change.  Contact us for an initial free consultation with one of our experienced 28/20 staff.

(Be advised that, due to demand, consulting opportunities are limited.)

Set up a free consulting call with WDA!