WDA is committed to serve the Church

WDA equips leaders who come alongside people at their specific point of development and helps them take the next step.

The Christian life is a process. According to Scripture, after people come to Christ, they need to grow up until they reach maturity. We mature according to common developmental patterns, but everyone is unique. This diversity pleases and glorifies God. Therefore, discipleship approaches need to recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of every individual. We serve the church by providing consulting, training and ongoing coaching.

Our Mission is to Serve the Church

Let us Help You!



WDA offers an arrangement where our representatives help your leaders determine the best programs and practices for implementing progressive discipleship and for managing change.




WDA serves the Church by offering training and resources to:

emphasize the priority and Biblical imperative of disciple building

teach Christ’s practical & life-centered approach to building disciples

build disciples who build disciples




Once we help your ministry design a discipleship plan and provide the training that best serves your needs, WDA can provide ongoing coaching.




Begin by getting a copy of Disciple Building: A Biblical Framework

Learn about our approach by starting a small group using one of our guided discussions.


If you believe our approach is a fit for you and your ministry, reach out to us on the contact page to learn how to develop a disciple building culture and see lives transformed and people growing to maturity.

If you are already familiar with WDA and would like to begin a conversation, send us a message and our consultants will set up a free introductory session. 

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