WDA equips leaders who come alongside people at their specific point of development

and helps them take the next step. 

The Christian life is a process. According to Scripture, after people come to Christ, they need to grow up until they reach maturity. We mature according to common developmental patterns, but everyone is unique. This diversity pleases and glorifies God. Therefore, discipleship approaches need to recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of every individual. We serve the church by providing consulting, ongoing coaching and training.




Consulting for those who want to design and build a discipleship solution that they are able to implement.

Churches are like people: no two are alike.  Every church has a unique history, culture, tradition, even a personality; so ‘one size doesn’t fit all.’  Programs that may be effective in one location may not be as helpful in your church.  Presenting people complete in Christ involves more than holding a conference or reading a book.  Effective discipleship approaches need to be uniquely crafted to meet the needs of each community of believers.

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Following our "Design and Build Process", WDA can provide ongoing coaching for you as you begin to lead the discipleship leaders of your church and ministry.

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WDA Provides Training through a variety of formats and featuring the resources and materials that you need.

Some leaders are able to implement the programs of progressive discipleship by utilizing WDA’s Discipleship Manuals and Resources.  These materials provide an overview, step-by-step instructions, and teaching/study guides for implementing our discipleship programs.  But we also offer specialized training through onsite visits, conferences, and web-based approaches!

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