Restoring Your Heart

RYH is a process that helps people become aware of how the hurts from their past have affected their present, learn how to grieve over those hurts and come to a place of forgiveness.

RYH is also a ministry with the goal of implementing emotional, relational healing as a natural part of discipleship in a church by using trained lay leaders and small groups.

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Conquering Shame


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RYH Ministry

A RYH Ministry is designed to help people in churches heal emotionally and relationally. We believe that a major roadblock to a person’s spiritual growth is unresolved emotional issues from their past. A RYH Ministry uses trained lay leaders to help people through a healing process whereby they will have healthier relationships, including their relationship with God. We have written materials for this purpose and have created a training process for lay leaders. We believe emotional and relational healing is an integral part of the discipleship process and was modeled by Jesus as he taught his disciples.


RYH Training

The RYH training process takes approximately one year and involves both teaching and experiential learning about emotional issues. During this process, future RYH leaders will work on their own emotional issues and learn many principles about emotions, relationships, childhood issues and adult problems. The RYH team has developed workbooks to be used in groups, as well as training manuals to assist RYH group leaders. We also have onsite and web training seminars. Please contact the RYH Team if you are interested in more information about starting a RYH Ministry in your church.

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How Emotional Problems Develop

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