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What is Restoring Your Heart?

RYH is a process that helps people become aware of how the hurts from their past have affected their present, learn how to grieve over those hurts and come to a place of full forgiveness.

RYH is also a ministry with the goal of implementing emotional, relational healing as a natural part of discipleship in a church by using trained lay leaders and small groups.


Processing Pain Workbook
Discover how incidents from the past, and unresolved pain create an emotional drain on your heart and sap your spiritual strength. This New Revised Edition has 14 lessons and is designed to help people understand how the way they cope with emotional pain can lead to other problems, including harmful choices, bad relationships and faulty belief systems. This edition now includes leaders notes and instructions and a new Connecting with God section.

Understanding Emotions Workbook
Is it ever okay for a Christian to be angry? Should a mature Christian ever experience fear? What do you do when you feel hurt? This New Revised 12 Lesson workbook explores what the Bible teaches about emotions, and how they control us, or how (due to unresolved pain) we’ve lost touch with our emotions altogether. New Connecting with God Exercises and also a Leaders Section.

Conquering Shame Workbook
Many people are affected by shame. This workbook helps people take an in-depth look at what shame is, the effects of shame in their life and how to deal with their shame and overcome it. This workbook is designed to be used in a group setting and consists of 16 lessons.

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