Restoring Your Heart Resources

Our Restoring Your Heart Ministry trains people in churches and in other ministries to help people through a healing process that will enable them to become healthier in all their relationships, including their relationship with God. We have written materials to aid in this process. We have a specific program that trains and certifies people to lead others through the emotional healing process. We believe emotional and relational healing is an integral part of the discipleship process and was modeled by Jesus as He taught His disciples. The result of restoration is healthier people, healthier families, healthier churches and healthier communities.

What is Restoring Your Heart?

Restoring Your Heart (RYH) is a process developed by the WDA Restorative Team to help people grow and heal both relationally and emotionally. RYH starts with an intensive training program to develop leaders, primarily in churches, so that they can begin their own healing process and then help others to heal.

The RYH training process takes approximately one year and involves both teaching and experiential learning about emotional issues. During this process, future RYH leaders will work on their own emotional issues and learn many principles about emotions, relationships, childhood issues and adult problems. The WDA Restorative team has developed workbooks to be used in groups, as well as training manuals to assist RYH group leaders.


Processing Pain Workbook
(formerly titled: Identifying and Grieving Our Losses)
Discover how incidents from the past, and unresolved pain create an emotional drain on your heart and sap your spiritual strength. This 18 week workbook is designed to help people understand how the way they cope with emotional pain can lead to other problems, including harmful choices, bad relationships and faulty belief systems.

Understanding Emotions Workbook
Is it ever okay for a Christian to be angry? Should a mature Christian ever experience fear? What do you do when you feel hurt? This 18 week workbook explores what the Bible teaches about emotions, and how they control us, or how (due to unresolved pain) we’ve lost touch with our emotions altogether.

Conquering Shame Workbook
Many people are affected by shame. This workbook helps people take an in-depth look at what shame is, the effects of shame in their life and how to deal with their shame and overcome it. This workbook is designed to be used in a group setting and consists of 16 lessons.