Restoring Your Heart Resources

What is Restoring Your Heart?

Restoring Your Heart (RYH) is a ministry with the goal of implementing emotional and relational healing as a natural part of discipleship. This healing is facilitated in safe, gender-specific small groups by trained lay leaders.

The RYH workbooks are designed to be used in a small group with other men or other women (How Emotional Problems Develop can be a mixed gender group).

Processing Pain Workbook
Identify areas of unresolved pain that are creating an emotional drain on your heart and strained relationships. Walk through a process of forgiveness and experience greater freedom.

Understanding Emotions Workbook
Is it ever okay for a Christian to be angry? Should a mature Christian ever experience fear? Learn what the Bible teaches about emotions and how to build an emotional tool kit that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Conquering Shame Workbook
Many people are significantly affected by shame and may not know it. This workbook defines shame, identifies the crippling effects of shame, and teaches you how to overcome it.

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