Maturity Matters

I’ve known Bob Dukes for more than a dozen years. We’ve had the joys of spending extended time dreaming about what happens when a community catches the fire of what is truly the life of the disciple. In all of my journeys, I’ve not met anyone so singularly focused on maturing our relationship with Christ. As the title of this book declares, maturity matters. Bob Dukes is both provocative and persuading, and he does all of this in a spirit of Christian humility and godly wisdom.
—Dr. Barry H. Corey, President, Biola University

Years ago I began talking with Bob Dukes about the incredible need for a clear path for Christ followers to walk, leading from where they are to ma- turity in Christ. I thank God that Bob has taken on the challenge to provide for the church that practical path! Maturity Matters will help launch you and your church forward on the most important journey we will ever walk.
—Dr. John Avant, Senior Pastor at First Baptist Concord (TN) and Author of “If God Were Real”, “The Passion Promise” and “Authentic Power”

The wisdom and insights Bob Dukes shared as one of my Sunday morning prayer partners could only come from a man who truly had a daily walk with God. In other words, Bob Dukes is a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ – a mature Christian! In Maturity Matters, Bob builds a compelling case around the matter of maturing as a necessity for a Christian. To sur- vive and thrive in today’s world, maturity is essential for every believer. Buy this book and share it with every Christian believer that you want to see “finish well” in the race we call life.
—Dr. Dwight (Ike) Reighard, Senior Pastor, Piedmont Church (GA) and Author of “Daily Insights” with Zig Ziglar

For many years, Bob Dukes has been training people for spiritual leadership following the pattern of Jesus with His disciples. He has a shepherd’s heart. And as you read these pages you will feel his deep love for Christ and His church. His message is clear. It is down-to-earth. If you take it to heart, you will know why maturity matters to
God, to the praise of His glory.
—Dr. Robert Coleman, Distinguished Senior Professor of Evangelism and Discipleship, Gordon- Conwell Theological Seminary

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