Leadership Manuals

Leadership Manuals provide foundational teaching which helps leaders begin to establish discipleship ministries. These books are part of our Leadership Institute which delivers a multi week leadership development training. Each Manual is also useful individually as well.

Disciple Building: A Biblical Framework with Guided Discussions
This manual presents the philosophical overview of the discipleship ministry of Christ and how its principles can be applied to disciple building today.

A Small Groups Manual: with Guided Discussions
This manual provides the small group leader with information about leading a progressive discipleship group as well as gives him an understanding of the dynamics of small group development and leadership.

Disciple Building: Life Coaching Manual with Guided Discussions
As one of the 6 Primary Programs of the 28/20® project, Life Coaching provides training for lay leaders who aspire to ‘meet people where they are and help them take the next step’ of growth to maturity. It offers a philosophical approach and is carried out through the design and implementation of practical growth projects tailored to individual needs and levels of maturity.

How Emotional Problems Develop: with Guided discussions
This manual explains how a person’s past affects the present and how problems can result from not dealing with the past. We recommend this for all people who begin a Restoring Your Heart Experience.

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