Establishing Faith: Phase I

Materials For Evangelism & Establishing Faith

Who is God?
Who is God? is a series of studies that examines the character of God and how to know Him personally. The guided discussions can be used with non-believers or believers in a small group or one-to-one.

Topics Include: God’s Holiness, Repentance and Faith, God’s Justice, Righteousness and Wrath, God’s Love, Mercy and Grace, Knowing for Sure.


Getting Started 
Getting Started helps the new believer begin to establish his relationship with God.

Getting Started for Students and Getting Started for Leaders are ideal for a small group or one-on-one discipleship.

Getting Started Pocket Principles is a great resource for new visitors in your church / ministry. It is also commonly used as an evangelistic giveaway.

Topics include: How Can I Be Sure- Understanding Assurance of Salvation, Prescription for Doubters, Baptism- Going Public, The Holy Spirit- God Comes to Life in Us, The Bible- The Word of God, Prayer: Communicating with God, Fellowship of Believers- The Gathering of God’s People.

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