Developing New Leaders: Phase IV

After a disciple has been ministering to others for some time, they may be ready to emerge (be appointed) as a new church or ministry leader. Phase IV-A materials equip the disciple to take on leadership responsibilities in a church/ministry setting. The disciple learns new theology and application, additional ministry skills, advanced evangelism, and spiritual warfare strategies. By completion of this Phase the disciple should be successfully leading a ministry within the church or community. The material in Phase IV-A has been designed to help a church (or other entity) establish a progressive disciple building strategy for developing new leaders.

The suggested order to study this series is Living for Christ, Disciple Building: A Biblical Framework, A Small Groups Manual, Disciple Building: Life Coaching, Team Building, Spiritual Warfare-II, How Emotional Problems Develop, Kingdom Growth. Our Bible Readings (Phases II-Phase IV) can be used alongside any or all of these resources. However, you can use our materials in whatever way works best for you and your ministry.

Why do we suggest this order?
These Studies are the beginning on our Leadership Institute, for new leaders. The subjects follow the content that Jesus taught the 12 disciples and are chosen along with other topics that reflect the ministry skills and heart habits that every developing leader will need.

For additional information please read our curriculum guide.

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