“Cornerstone provides the critical growth components and structures necessary for a recent convert or a new/young believer to become well-established in his faith and assimilated into the fellowship of the church. The program is designed, resourced, and implemented through a training approach that integrates the proclamation of the Gospel (evangelism) with effective follow-up. It then provides initial spiritual formation concepts within a rich fellowship so that a new and/or young believer is equipped to follow Christ and become an integral part of church life. Cornerstone is best conveyed via micro-groups (quads or triads) led by Life Coaches but woven into the fabric of the larger discipleship community.

Cornerstone also provides more mature Christians with an opportunity to strengthen and stabilize their faith by revisiting the basic doctrines and experiences of the Christian life. This program can work either in concert with or as an extension of a church’s existing small groups and mentoring ministries. The curriculum centers on concepts needed to stabilize and encourage a new Christian, followed by a triad of foundational principles: Knowing God, Understanding People, and Growing Spiritually.

“The Cornerstone curriculum is designed to run for approximately one year. Once established, it runs continuously with various entry points. Ideally, it should work in concert with the corps of Life Coaches, who meet with and help orient disciples to the Christian life and the church community, facilitating and supplementing their involvement in a Discipleship Community. WDA recommends that each church integrate its own New Members Orientation into the program as well.”

Cornerstone Includes:
Getting Started

Knowing God

Understanding People

Growing Spiritually

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