Steve Nicholson moved to Chicago in the 70s to plant a church where he and his friends could worship with guitars and drums. Over the years, the Evanston Vineyard has evolved into a large multi-generational multi-ethnic church that has become a training center within the Vineyard movement regionally and globally.

Steve and his wife Cindy have also become seasoned leaders in the Vineyard, leading the denomination’s national church planting effort for 20 years and traveling to speak at churches and conferences around the world.

Steve’s unique understanding of the Kingdom of God informs his involvement in supernatural ministry as well as his approach to disciple building. Steve has been a personal mentor to me and I was excited to draw out his thoughts on discipleship, leadership, and the kingdom of God.


For more information on resources discussed in today’s episode:

Evanston Vineyard Church: www.evanstonvineyard.org

Global Disciple Builder: www.globaldisciplebuilder.com

Global Disciple Builder Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/globaldisciplebuilder/

Worldwide Discipleship Association: www.disciplebuilding.org

Arahdna (music on today’s episode): www.arahdnamusic.com