Alex and Julie Paniagua were until recently the Costa Rica directors of Operation Mobilization. OM is a truly global consortium of young-at-heart Jesus followers who share a passion for the unreached and underserved. Alex is a Costa Rica native with a big relational heart who blends in physically and culturally throughout the global south. Julie grew up in Mexico, the blond-headed child of American missionaries. Alex and Julie settled in Costa Rica and gathered a team around a vision to reach Costa Rica’s rural indigenous communities. They’ve been developing a rugged ministry outpost in the rural community of Talamanca to show Christ’s love to unreached people and to train young missionaries for work all over the world.

For more information on resources discussed in today’s episode:

Global Disciple Builder: www.globaldisciplebuilder.com

Global Disciple Builder on Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/globaldisciplebuilder/

Worldwide Discipleship Association: www.disciplebuilding.org

OM Costa Rica: www.om.org/en/country-profile/costa-rica

Tim Coons: www.giantsandpilgrims.com

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