RYH 101 is divided into 6 sections with corresponding Participant’s Guides, reading assignments from the Restoring Your Heart Training Manual as well as Review Questions.

How to begin:

  1. Select Topic 1 and continue in sequence.
  2. Download the materials to the right of the video session page. (Each Topic has its own handouts.)
  3. Watch each video in sequence using the Participant’s Guides.
  4. Complete the reading assignment for each topic.
  5. Review to evaluate your knowledge of the material.


Topic 1:  How Emotional Problems Develop: 1 Session (2 Videos)

Topic 2: Adult Presenting Problems: 1 Session (1 Video)

Topic 3: The Restorative Process: 1 Session (3 Videos)

Topic 4: Grieving: 1 Session (2 Videos)

Topic 5: The Ministry of Jesus: 1 Session (2 Videos)

Topic 6: Leading a Restoring Your Heart Group: 1 Session (3 Videos)