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The Restorative Ministry is dedicated to teaching churches (and other ministries) how to help people heal emotionally and relationally. We believe that a major roadblock to a person’s spiritual growth is unresolved emotional issues from their past. We also believe that the Church can and should be instrumental in helping people heal, but frequently doesn’t know how to help. Our Restoring Your Heart Ministry  trains people in churches and in other ministries to help people through a healing process that will enable them to become healthier in all their relationships, including their relationship with God. We have written materials to aid in this process. We have a specific program that trains and certifies people to lead others through the emotional healing process. We believe emotional and relational healing is an integral part of the discipleship process and was modeled by Jesus as he taught his disciples. The result of restoration is healthier people, healthier families, healthier churches and healthier communities.

What is Restoring Your Heart?

Restoring Your Heart (RYH) is a process developed by the WDA Restorative Team to help people grow and heal both relationally and emotionally. RYH starts with an intensive training program to develop leaders, primarily in churches, so that they can begin their own healing process and then help others to heal.

The RYH training process takes approximately one year and involves both teaching and experiential learning about emotional issues. During this process, future RYH leaders will work on their own emotional issues and learn many principles about emotions, relationships, childhood issues and adult problems. The WDA Restorative team has developed workbooks to be used in groups, as well as training manuals to assist RYH group leaders. We also have onsite and web training seminars. Once people complete the RYH Leader certification process, they can begin to lead groups and help others in the church or community begin their healing process. Please contact the Restorative Team if you are interested in more information about starting a RYH Ministry in your church.

You can give to the Restorative Ministry which will provide for the following:

  • Producing videos of our Seminars (RYH 101, 201 and 301) for internet training
  • Technology upgrades for our systems and office
  • Funding to translate our materials.
  • Travel Fund (we are currently teaching in Mexico, Kenya, Brazil, Romania and Indonesia)
How to pray for the Restorative Team:
  • Monthly support for RYH staff
  • Conference development
  • Seminars on the internet
  • Writing projects specifically the Field Ops Manual
  • Wisdom regarding expansion
  • For more trained men on staff
Restorative Team

Restorative Team

Our Restorative Staff

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Joe and Gwendolyn Hobbs

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Doug and Frannie Watson

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