WDA’s International Training Team ministers by teaching seminars around the world.  These seminars are taught to pastors, women’s ministry leaders and Bible college students to benefit local churches and mission agencies.  The team trains leaders in the Five Phases of Growth for groups as well as personal discipleship.  Issues that hinder individual growth are also addressed.

By training leaders to minister to their own people, many of the cultural barriers to the Gospel are eliminated.  WDA is active in Mexico, South America, Asia and Africa.

Everette Albrecht: India, Brazil, Mexico

Carroll and Shirley Coakley: Southeast Asia

Nila Duffitt: Kenya, Mexico

Buddy Eades: Manila Philippines

Nate Harkness: Director of International Ministries

Ken Hewett: Africa, Asia, Central America

Nancy Higgins: Kenya, Mexico

Joe Hobbs: Indonesia, El Salvador

Dave Johnson: Zambia, DR Congo, Ethiopia

Jack Larson: Mexico, Brazil, Kenya

Mary McKeever: Kenya, Uganda

David Parfitt: Manila, Philippines

Rich Smith: Quezon City, Philippines

Margo Theivagt: Mexico, Brazil

Lee Tolar: Romania, El Salvador