A Million for A Million is a multi-year initiative with a goal of raising 1 Million Dollars of growth capital in order to equip 1 Million Disciples who Disciple.  There are 4 ways to join with WDA in this Kingdom-building campaign, including (but not limited to) financial partnership. 



(Disciples Who Disciple)



  • Jesus’ Biblical Model for Making Disciples
  • Comprehensive, Progressive Curriculum
  • Culturally-Contextualized Training & Content
  • Tools For Emotional & Relational Healing
  • Training Seminars & Relational Cohort Groups
  • Online Learning / Mentoring
  • Specialized Leadership Retreats
  • Resources & Tools to Foster a Culture of Discipleship

What will A Million $ for A Million Disciples accomplish?

Increased Capacity

  • Greater Infrastructure and Increased Staff to Meet Needs
  • Enhanced Staff Training
  • Headquarters Updates – Building and Technology

 Restoring Your Heart Ministry Growth

  • RYH Ambassador Program
  • Updated Materials and Group Experiences
  • Enhanced Group Leader Training

Leadership Institute Expansion

  • Online Learning Platform
  • Specialized Leadership Retreats
  • Leadership Curriculum & Resource Development 

Equipping Next Generation Leaders

  • Increased Presence & Collaboration 
  • Resource Development and Promotion
  • Increased Training

Why make 1 Million Disciples who Disciple? 

Did you know that…

Only 17% of U.S. churchgoers can actually identify what The Great Commission is and articulate what it means? 1

If only 17% even know what the Great Commission is, how many people are truly burdened to disciple?

80% of the world’s pastors have had NO formal biblical or theological training? 2

How many of the world’s Christians are being shepherded under bad or distorted theology?

8 out of 10 nationals who come to the U.S. to receive biblical training or seminary never return home. 2

Who is discipling the world? 

2 out of 3 pastors admit that their church could be better equipped to assist those who are hurting or thinking suicidal thoughts? 3

How many people find the Church a source of hurt instead of healing? 

1 – Barna Research, Translating the Great Commission, 2018
2 – David A. Livermore, Serving With Eyes Wide Open
3 – Barna Research, Americans Feel Good About Counseling, 2018

Here’s how you can JOIN WDA in making 1 Million Disciples who Disciple:

(the 4 “i”s)

1. Intercede

Email info@disciplebuilding.org to join our weekly GLOBAL PRAYER Zoom Call with WDA staff around the world.  Sign up for our quarterlyField Report at disciplebuilding.org to receive specific ministry updates & testimonies.  

2. Implement

Utilize WDA Resources to start a discipleship or leadership small group. Contact our US Church Ministry Director through the Contact Form to start a conversation about where to start.

3. Interconnect

Invite us to speak at your church, business, or small group, or come visit our Home Office in Fayetteville, GA.  Who do you know that is interested in supporting or engaging with impactful disciple-making efforts?

4. Invest

Set up a recurring gift or make a special gift to the “A Million for A Million” campaign.

The goal of this campaign is to raise 1 Million Dollars of growth capital to equip 1 Million Disciples who Disciple.

Even .50 cents per day helps us impact others to think, feel, and act like Jesus. An increase in resources makes it possible to develop more leaders and disciple more people.

Call the WDA Gifts Dept. at (770) 460-1337 or give by visiting disciplebuilding.org/give .


Give To Make A Million Disciples

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“Restoring Your Heart, for me, was one of the catalysts that “bridged the gaps” in my discipleship process. I have come to know how to fully feel, fully grieve, and to fully receive/give the love of Christ.

Today I walk with other men. I’m sharing the comfort I’ve received from the “God of all comfort”. I am free for freedom’s sake! Because of the impacts of these groups, I will never be the same.”


Mike experienced transformation through RYH in his church & is now leading RYH groups for men overcoming addiction at A Better Way Ministries.


There is a greater burden than ever for discipleship ( = maturity ).

Believers who think, feel, and act like Jesus.  Leaders who know Christ, live Christ, and preach Christ. Churches that fuel disciple-making movements and advance God’s Kingdom.  

WDA follows Jesus’ pattern for building disciples.