Jordan Stafford

Digital Marketing and Communications Coordinator

U.S. Headquarters

About Jordan

Jordan Stafford lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and works out of the WDA Headquarters office.  
Jordan serves as the Digital Marketing and Communications Coordinator for WDA. She is responsible for WDA’s digital marketing and communication needs, including online promotion for webinars and events, WDA and RYH social media, newsletters, web development, and user experience. Jordan’s ultimate goal is to connect WDA’s target audiences with discipleship resources and to increase ministry engagement & course/material sales. 
Jordan is passionate about Christian storytelling and writing about mission work worldwide. In the past, she has written for WORLD Magazine Digital, the Highland Echo Newspaper, Impressions Literary Magazine, News Bling Digital, and Red Cat Media. Her writing has won numerous awards, including Impressions Best Prose 2021, Exemplary Thesis 2020, the Ruth Lloyd Kramer Award, and the Arthur S. Bushing Award. She is excited to use her communications skills in her work at WDA!
Jordan has a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Writing Communications and is finishing her Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.). She begins her Ph.D. in 2023 with an emphasis on environmental and nonprofit communications. She is passionate about using her education to help others and support global discipleship efforts through WDA.
Jordan also actively disciples in her community. She helps Christian journalists connect their career to their faith through WORLD Magazine’s WJI Network program, and she disciples college students at her local church.