Karl Ivan Gervacio

WDA Field Staff Member

Quezon City, Philippines

About Ivan

My name is Karl Ivan Gervacio and I am 32 years old. Discipling the next generation is one of my passions and I have a deep desire to organically affect poor urban communities with the story of Jesus.

I come from a family of non-believers but I am thankful that, even so, my parents raised me well.

My father is a patient jeepney driver and my mother is a hardworking elementary teacher. I have two siblings. My closest sibling is a Christian counselor and the youngest is a BPO agent.

I graduated from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (State University). Then I enrolled in seminary and graduated from FEBIAS College of Bible.

The hobby I enjoy doing the most right now is riding my motorcycle and going to the mountainous parts of the Philippines and going to nearby cities using my bike.

My current ministry involvement is that I am a member of the Pastoral Team of Diliman Bible Church. My responsibilities at the church are preaching from the pulpit, discipling, peer counseling, and working to meet the spiritual needs of poor urban communities.


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