*A trained leader is an experienced and established leader-of-leaders who has been equipped by a WDA certified trainer using WDA resources and approaches, and is responsible for discipling others.

**Target disciples “impact” refer to the number of people that a WDA trained leader conservatively projects they will teach, train, or mentor within one year using WDA resources and /or other approaches.

By the year 2022, WDA plans to impact 1 MILLION people to think, feel and act like Jesus.



“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…”

Discipleship Impact

We envision seeing 1,000,000 disciples who are building disciples.  Jesus strategy to make disciples of all nations means that we are focus on developing mature leaders who have a vision to develop the leaders in their nation.

WDA is looking for people who are committed to be part of a disciple building movement worldwide.  A Worldwide Association of likeminded leaders who will together serve churches and ministries together.