According to the Pew Research Center, Christianity is the largest & most widespread religion in the world.  The Name of Jesus has gone far + wide, but a basic maturity – a depth which Christ desires from those who bear His Name – has not developed at the same rate. Christianity has gone wide, but unless the worldwide Church develops a disciple building culture, Christ-likeness will never go DEEP.

Worldwide Discipleship Association goes deep by developing disciple builders who inspire + equip the next generation, train church + community leaders, restore marriages + families, and mobilize international disciple building movements. 

Because of your partnership, WDA will have trained almost half a million disciple builders globally by the end of 2018.  

Your help in raising $33,000.00 
by December 31st, allows WDA to build 1 MILLION Disciples who Disciple by the year 2022!

 Help us reach the goal of a 1 Million Disciples who Disciple

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1 person who is taught trained, or mentored using WDA methods or curriculum to think, feel & act like Jesus.





1 person who is trained to disciple others & train more leaders who can build disciples.





1 training series to develop 30 disciple builders in-country.




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