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WDA is excited to have Sean join our staff team. His first assignment is to raise his salary and as soon as this has been completed he will join our Church Ministry team. Sean will be instrumental in helping our Church Ministry grow to many new locations. Please consider becoming a part of his ministry support team!

Sean Hall is a highly experienced motivator and life coach who has held a variety of leadership positions in the corporate world, in church ministry and as a volunteer.  Sean started his career at Ceridian Employer Services; an outsourced payroll and human resources company from 1987 – 2001.  He was then a team leader, manager and award winning sales representative with  Takeda Pharmaceuticals; one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world from 2001 – 2019.  Sean currently serves as a Board member for Yaystack Inc., Leap for Literacy, Tailor Made Leadership Academy Inc., Undivided Ministries Inc., and Daddy Saturday Foundation Inc.

As a devout Christian, Sean has been involved in church ministry and discipleship for over 19 years.  Sean has extensive experience mentoring college students, church leadership teams and corporate employees including several startup tech executives.  Sean has focused his efforts on developing the leader from within.  His goal is to invest in the life of the maturing Christ followers to think, feel and act like Jesus (2 Cor. 3:18).  Unlocking the calling that each person possesses will lead to greater opportunities for them to apply their gifts and talents to fulfill the purpose in which they were created! 

Sean is a certified John Maxwell, Speaker, Trainer and Coach.  He has utilized his training and resources to add value to others in his sphere of influence.  Every interaction represents an opportunity to advance a persons capacity to grow. Sean has a passion for mentorship and leadership development.  

For 2 decades, Sean volunteered his time to the Pennsylvania American Legion – Keystone Boys State program; a week long program dedicated to teaching young leaders the fundamentals of state and local government.   For the last seven years of his service he held the position of Chief Counselor and Program Director.  The commitment to this program was year round.  During the off season, Sean spent his time recruiting and developing relationships with new and existing staff members.  Sean worked with the senior staff members on developing updated and relevant simulations for the students to encounter that would give them the best real world experience possible in a week. On average 250 students attended the program each year supported by over 30 staff members.

There is no greater time than right now for people to invest in their future. The success that a person experiences in life is dependent on their willingness to continue to grow and add value not just to themselves, but to others as well. This is the foundation of a great leader.

“If you are willing to make incremental change in your life, over time, you will experience exponential growth!”   Sean Hall

Sean and his wife, Leisha, live in Peachtree City, GA and have two children, Tony and Chelsea. 

Sean is excited to begin this new journey and is currently raising funding to begin his ministry with WDA. Your Gifts will make this possible.






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