Paul Kachambere

WDA International Associate Staff

Lunzu Blantyre, Malawi.


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About Paul

Paul Kachambere joined WDA’s associate staff team in 2011. He conducts training seminars using WDA materials throughout Malawi and Mozambique.


I am greeting you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am Paul Leonard Kachambere from Lunzu Blantyre (Southern Region of Malawi). I was born in a family of five children’s, four Girls and one Boy. I am 51 years Old and I am a Husband to Mary.  We have six children’s. We have been in marriage for thirty years now. Apart from our six children (four Boys and two girls.) We adopted found children and we have three grandchildren.

About my ministry since I received a calling I visited a Bible College and graduated in 1997.  In February 1998 that’s when I was posted to be a fill time pastor a Lumbadzi Zambezi Evangelical Church, and right now I have been in ministry from 22 years.

I joined WDA when Brother Kenneth Hewett came to Malawi at African Bible College of Malawi. (ABC). I had the privilege to visit Zambia where I had an opportunity to meet with Pastor Benson Chembe at Kazemba Bible College which as turned into Ambassador International University right now.  Brother Benson helped me a a lot to know more about WDA ministry.  When I arrived here in Malawi I proceeded with this ministry and I was communicating with Sister Betty for Ken’s second trip o Malawi.  Ken has been coming to Malawi from 2009 to 2016. Brother Ken and I have been training many people using WDA materials (Cornerstone Project). Thought seminars we have been doing with Brother Ken we have transformed peoples mindset especially church Leaders from different churches. I thank God for Brother Ken’s passion because He was coming here in Malawi each and every year which was encouraging to our ministry of WDA to boost and grow very fast.  He was able to follow up everything that I was doing when He was not here in Malawi and because of Him being impressed with my job He recommended me to be one of WDA Associate Staff Members.  It was in 2011 when he retired by he kept on encouraging me to go forward with this ministry and I am praising God because i have worked as a WDA associate staff member for 12 years.