About Patty Alba-Hughes

I emigrated from Peru to the US 32 years ago.  Spanish is my heart language. English is my second language.  I come from a large, loving Peruvian family – the fourth of five siblings.  I’ve always been okay being the girl that no one sees, behind the scenes, often trying to go unnoticed for fear of attention.  I was a combination of introvert, shy, and insecure. 

After becoming saved, I could sense a heart from God for other people – specifically that they would experience greater emotional freedom. But how could I fulfill this call, when I myself was shrouded in such shame and insecurity that I struggled to take my own thoughts captive or see myself as anything but inadequate?  I so desperately needed the emotional healing that I long for everyone to have. 

Three years ago, through circumstances that only God could orchestrate, I started working at WDA headquarters.  I quickly began learning about the Restoring Your Heart (RYH) ministry, and the intentional, discipleship-oriented process by which people achieve emotional healing and freedom through a series of safe, small group experiences.  Something inside of me screamed – this is what you’ve been looking for all of these years! 

My first RYH experience going through a Processing Pain group with other women was not easy at all.  The first group session my knees were shaking, and the thought of having to speak English in front of other people almost paralyzed me; but the desire to be free overcame all fear. Over the 14 lessons, I learned so much about myself, about my childhood, the traumas I had experienced in my life and how those experiences affected my way of thinking, feeling, and acting.  Although emotional healing is a lifelong investment, I can say with confidence that God has miraculously stripped away layers of hurts and insecurities, and continues to do so as I allow His perfect love to meet my emotional needs.

There are a lot of people who need to walk in the freedom and the promise that God has for them.  Now I understand that it was necessary for me to experience healing first so that I can be a part of their emotional healing.  Over the course of my life, I can see how God has been guiding me. Much like Joshua of the Bible, I’ve just been following God’s lead, living my life, much of it in the shadows.  And all of the sudden, He’s called me to step out in faith and begin to lead His people.  The Lord is telling me “Do not be afraid, Do not discouraged,” and that He is with me wherever I will go.  So with a fire in my heart and a calling over my life, I am responding to God (like the prophet Isaiah) saying, “Here I am, Lord. Send me!” and  I am completing my training as a RYH Group Facilitator so that I can walk alongside other women, helping them find freedom in Christ, and so I can bring RYH en Español around the world!

RYH en Español is launching this year.  If you have a heart for Spanish speakers and want to help us with this ministry or want to offer these RYH group experiences in your Spanish-speaking church, community, or ministry, please email Patty at patty.hughes@disciplebuilding.org.  






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