Partner with Morgan Padgett

Morgan joined WDA staff in 2022 as part of a 2-year Disciple Building Training Internship.  During this rigorous training regimen, Morgan is growing personally and being equipped to disciple like Christ.  He will be trained as a small group discipleship leader, a Life Coach, and a Restoring Your Heart facilitator.  As part of the internship, Morgan is working at WDA HQ with the Church Ministry Team, learning more about how to develop a culture and framework for discipleship. He will have the opportunity to go overseas with WDA to experience disciple building in a different culture, and he will apply his training and leadership to minister at A Better Way Ministries in Senoia, GA.  In year 2, he will execute a disciple building assignment within a local church.

Morgan has a heart for serving those who are recovering from addiction and for shepherding. Morgan is passionate about growing in the area of family and restorative counseling so he can help families and marriages thrive.

Please consider partnering financially with Morgan. Your investment in Morgan’s training and ministry ensures that your prayers and support are bearing fruit in him and in the community he is serving, to the glory of God!





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