About Latoya McDonald


Latoya McDonald is an Author, Evangelist, Leadership Trainer, and Keynote Speaker who helps others pursue a deeper connection with God. She has an ability to reach and engage diverse audiences through communicating profound truths that are simple enough to understand and apply to daily living. Before becoming an author, she spent nine years working as a Recreational Supervisor for the City of Rock Hill’s Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department in Rock Hill, SC. She also founded the youth organization C.R.A.V.E., which stands for Character, Respect, Attitude, Value and Education. Through Crave, she continues to offer activities that provide life skills and tools that promote healthy behaviors.

After a successful career helping the City of Rock Hill and other organizations deliver quality enrichment programs and community building opportunities, she stepped out on faith and started her own company, My Out Loud, LLC. She collaborates with local and global organizations to enhance the quality of character in individuals and communities around the world. She uses her expertise and insight to train, nurture and equip new and mature leaders to self-discovery. She believes that establishing healthy connections and implementing sustainable programs helps bring about transformation.

Latoya’s favorite food is spaghetti and her favorite thing to do is spend time outside soaking up the sun. She enjoys trying new things and has had several fun adventures including sky-diving, mountain biking, hiking, and snorkeling. She also enjoys traveling, ice cream and pedicures. Her life motto is “Your story is someone’s freedom, so don’t be afraid to share it out loud!”




Latoya McDonald