Harrison Ngota Airo 

WDA Kenya


About Harrison

Harrison was first introduced to us in 2011 in Bungoma. He had just been assigned to that area as a police chaplain. In that position, he has the freedom to speak publicly and ministers to the police and community as well as serve when needed in law enforcement. He is an articulate communicator of the vision for maturing in Christ. A serving Pastor at Nalondo HOSANNA CELEBRATION CENTER, in Bungoma county Kenya. He is the Visionary founder of Forces of hope (FOH) a ministry dedicated to the Kenyan military forces.
 A member of the (APET) Administration Police Evangelistic Team and hosts many open air gospel crusades throughout Kenya and East Africa.
He is married to Susan Jepkorir Kipsang and blessed with three lovely daughters Joy, Michelle & Favour.
“Jesus knew that He would have to equip the saints to be able to lead the multitudes. This is what we need in our churches. It is safe to say that discipleship was foundational to Jesus’ ministry.