Give to Projects

Part of WDA’s philosophy of ministry calls us to meet people where they are and help them take the next step. We are to create situations where we are able to see people grow. WDA projects provide contexts for ongoing discipleship. Consider giving to help our staff minister and meet the practical needs of others.

Materials Translation


Our desire is to provide materials translated into Hindi, Mandarin, Spanish, Tagalog (Philippines), Romanian, and French to our overseas partners. WDA Publishing team produces exact copies of our materials which allow us to train disciples in their native languages or national languages.  The potential for ministry growth is directly related to getting quality translations and printed materials in the field.  Your giving makes it possible to expand the vital part of WDA’s mission.

Give to Translation

Special Projects Overseas


Our ministry teams continually have need of  ongoing funding for smaller projects.  These projects come to our International Team which then designates available funds.  Your giving to this general fund helps us have the flexibility to channel funding when and where needs arise.  We currently have active projects in Zambia, Malawi, India, Romania and Kenya.

Give to Special Projects

WDA Headquarters

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We all know that we need a place to call home. For over twenty-five years we have called 110 Carnegie Place in Fayetteville, Georgia our home. It is here that we develop services for our staff, create and publish new materials and teach and train disciple builders. Just like your home, ours needs to be maintained.

Would you consider helping us make sure our building is safe, in good working order and equipped to achieve our mission?

Our maintenance is done with the help of great volunteers in addition to professional repair and maintenance. Consider volunteering by contacting our Volunteer Coordinator at 770-460-1337.

Your gifts and time will be used for:

  • general maintenance
  • repairs and remodeling
  • keeping our printers and computers up to date
  • providing a communication center to enable us to teach and train our associates all around the world.

Give to the Headquarters

All gifts to WDA are tax deductible. When you choose to give to WDA online you will receive a receipt to your email. Please keep it for you records.

WDA is using for online giving learn more here.


 Love Nomads

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WDA is partnering with Love Nomads Coffee to create networks of like-minded Christians working among Muslim Fulani nomads spread across Africa’s Sahel.

Our goal is to:

  • Learn from each other through conferences and cooperative endeavors.
  • Implement unified evangelistic strategies based on the example of Jesus.
  • Develop discipleship models for Fulani Christ-followers, which honor Fulani cultural distinctions while calling them to radically cross-cultural lives.
  • Support grassroots initiatives that show God’s love to Fulani communities.