Abby Knight

International Relations Coordinator


Headquarters Team, Atlanta, U.S. 

About Abby

What an absolute honor it is to be a staff member with WDA!  In August of 2016, I was given the opportunity to come on board at Headquarters as the Bookkeeper, and in 2023, I accepted an additional position as the International Relations Coordinator.  I was called into missions back in 1997, and I made some detours and prayed for MANY years that the Lord would open doors for me to be back on that path.  This has been a beautiful way the Lord has proven that He never forgets His promises.  I now get to be both IN the field AND help those that are there full-time.  

As the Bookkeeper, I strive to make sure all WDA funds are current, correct and that we stay on the good side of the IRS.  I’m part of the HQ team that makes it possible for our missionaries to go overseas and spread God’s unfailing grace and restoration.  Our traveling missionaries don’t need to worry about taxes, salary, donation reporting, etc., so my job allows their minds to rest. It reminds me of how NASCAR drivers have a team that allows them to race effectively. I am not the driver, but I make sure we have the funds to buy the tires and keep the car running like new.  

As the International Relations Coordinator, I get the opportunity to fellowship with our Int’l staff and be a part of their lives.  I will also oversee the pastoral care and relational support we are offering from HQ to our international staff and volunteers. I will help organize social gatherings, debrief returning missionaries, and assist in communicating the work of our international ministry to our communications department to better mobilize funding and prayer support.

I am always honored that God chose me to be a member of WDA, and I know that THIS is where I belong.

In 2022, I traveled to Chennai, India.  In 2023, I will be going to Nairobi, Kenya and back to India.

My husband, Brennen, and I live in Newnan, GA, and together we have 6 wonderful children; Steven (21), Harleigh (20), Caleb (18), Sarah (18), Elizabeth (18), and Joshua (16), and our beautiful dogs, Rubble, Lucy, Nala, and Loki.  We love both of the churches we attend, Crossroads Church in Sharpsburg, and New City Church in Peachtree City.  We cherish nights at home with our family or going to see the Braves play! Go Braves!

I have personally been through Restoring Your Heart (Processing Pain) twice and have experienced miraculous changes in my life and my home.  God continues to restore the broken places within my life, and I love the person I have become through His grace.

I am sincerely grateful to those who support my family, allowing me to continue to serve WDA and our Lord Jesus.


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