“A Disciple Building Church builds mature and effective leaders and gives them responsibility over ministries that, in turn, also produce mature and effective leaders.”

Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute is a program you can implement in your church right now to build up leaders for your ministries.

Formed around the pattern of Jesus, and designed for those who possess a strong personal relationship with God, the Leadership Institute prepares church members to lead ministries & equip others.

The Leadership Institute consists of 5 segments organized around a progressive curriculum of Biblical concepts, ministry skills & situational immersion.



Equipping for Ministry is the first part of the Leadership Institute.  Learn how to equip people with skills while they grow.


Leadership Development

Begin to train leaders

Positional Truth


8 Lessons

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Spiritual Warfare-I

Fighting the Good Fight

10 Lessons

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Healthy Relationships

Growing toward wholeness

10 Lessons

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Ministry Principles-I

What is Ministry?

10 Lessons

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Evangelism Training

Training and Apologetics


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Inductive Bible Study

Learn How to Study the Bible


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Inductive Worksheets

Blanks for Students


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Bible Readings-II

Devotions for Phase III


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Talk to WDA about how we can help you design and build ministry leaders.

Consultants specialize in listening to you first, making the end result fit your church’s makeup and mission.

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Learn more about the Equipping for Ministry Phase

Begin training a group  of young leaders and built around the church’s existing programs.

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