Build Discipleship Culture

Extensive research, coupled with decades of disciple building experience, has enabled WDA to help modern disciple builders design and implement a culture of discipleship based on the pattern Jesus used in Scripture to build the Church.

More than just a program, Christ’s approach to becoming a Disciple Building Church is about: 


  • Life-on-life discipleship
  • Equipping the saints for ministry and discipleship
  • Breaking down strongholds that prohibit growth
  • Teaching people to obey everything Christ has commanded (see Matt. 28:20)
  • Building disciples who build disciples
  • Cultivating a healthy, safe, and mature environment where growth never stops taking place

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Church Ministry

Our experience shows that the staff and leaders of most local churches have a strong, sincere desire to shepherd and guide their parishioners to maturity.  Unfortunately, few leaders have been equipped to accomplish the task of “presenting people mature in Christ.”  WDA helps to address this deficiency through our 2820® Project.  We come alongside church disciple builders providing perspective, support, training, and resources.   WDA offers various practical programs that help church staff “meet people where they are and help them take the next step.”  These programs can be implemented within most existing church paradigms.

WDA Provides Training and Resources for Churches who wish to build a Disciple Building Culture.  Our Team is comprised of WDA staff and Church Leaders with the experience to help you and your leaders develop a discipleship solution which fits your particular need.

Buddy Eades

Director of Church Ministry

Bob Dukes

President & Executive Director

David Parfitt

Executive Vice President,

Chief Operating Officer

Develop a Ministry

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You and your leaders can begin small groups using our guided discussions!

While leading groups  provide your leaders with the training and encouragement to grow!

If you are a starting one group or a developing a ministry WDA can help you begin today.

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