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Sister Joan Mary – Bangalore, India

“I want to thank God for giving me a chance of being a part of WDA’s Leadership Training. I also want to thank God for introducing me to Dr. Nathan Harkness and Rev. Emanuvel Dass, great men of God, for making this Leadership Training a grand success. I thank God from the bottom of my heart for my mentor, Sis.Bharathi, through whom I could learn the secrets of the Kingdom of God and the parables.

I was able to learn about giving, fasting, and praying from the sermon on the mount in the 6th chapter of Matthew, through them. I was startled to learn from Mat. 5:20 that my righteousness had to exceed the righteousness of the Pharisees in order to enter into the kingdom of God. I was shaken. Somewhere, in the corner of my heart, I was under the assumption that I was already pastoring a church, but I realized that my righteous deeds were just not enough. I wanted to learn more. I started to learn more from Mat.7 that I should not judge others. Likewise, every session was an eye opener for me.

Learning about spiritual warfare and the strategies of the enemy, were really encouraging. Wow! I started applying certain principles that I had learnt from spiritual warfare in my ministry and in my church, and it did work. We were allowed to gather in the church after the lockdown of the second wave, but I had some kind of an oppression in the unseen. All of a sudden, on a Saturday night, the Holy Spirit stirred in my heart that it was the devil’s strategy. Boom!! The Holy Spirit encouraged me to fight him back. I did so! I felt so strong after wearing the armor of God. The next day, all equipped, I stood up and encouraged the church to fight back. We had a battle. We won. Glory to Jesus! Things started to change in the church. We now have a new unction of the Holy Spirit. We now have new people in the church. We now have a worship team. We now have new unity. We now have new people from our street asking us to pray for them, and lots more… Praise God!!

Hence, I want to thank God for WDA’s Leadership Training program and encourage it to train many more leaders.”


Sister Chamali Kokila – Attanayake, Sri-Lanka

“It’s a great privilege for me to join WDA’s Leadership Institute Phase IV training. As I am a Bible Teacher, I was really in need of knowing how to apply Disciple Building in to practice in my ministry. RCAPS has given me a new strategy to build disciples. It helped me a lot to understand my believers and their level of faith and growth. I have also started a small group meeting and I found that believers are very much interested in meeting together as small group. They feel free to share their thoughts among the small group.

A 19 years old girl’s family found to be discouraged because their pastor’s unfaithful act in the church. Since they were new believers, they left the faith. They Through the small group meeting I started good relationship with her. She openly shared her heart with me. Holy Spirit guided me to teach her foundational truths. I encouraged her to keep praying and spend time with God in reading and meditating God’s Word. We prayed together for the healing of the family from their past wounds. Now they are back to faith and come to our church.

I learned to show God’s love to people and understand their needs to help them grow spiritually. I am now able to know how to apply my theological knowledge to help others grow in Christ likeness. I’m thankful to WDA leadership training. I personally feel that I am blessed to be a student of WDA leadership training. My heartiest thanks to Dr. Nathan Harkness and Rev. Emanuvel Dass for their wonderful trainings.”



I graduated from the University of Georgia almost exactly a month ago, and in doing so, I left home for the second time. Growing up in Dalton, GA, I spent the first 18 years of my life in the same house. I never knew any other home than my hometown, but Athens, GA, quickly became not just a second home but my true home. And one of the biggest reasons was Dave Johnson, the lessons he taught me, and the good times spent with him and my fraternity brothers studying God’s word.

My faith has always been an important part of my life, but never more so than now, and I owe much of that renewed commitment to Christ to the Bible study that Dave led at Lambda Chi Alpha. I went to church regularly growing up, but I struggled to find time for faith while at UGA for various reasons, but I always made time and looked forward to those afternoons with Dave on the front porch.

I admire and respect his commitment to his faith and his ability to reach college-aged guys like myself who could think of a million other ways to spend a sunny afternoon rather than reading and talking about the Bible. The sense of brotherhood and community fostered in these meetings was truly special, and it made me feel closer to the men in that room than anyone else on campus.

I also had the great privilege to meet with Dave regularly one-on-one in my last couple of years of school, and those meetings have truly helped me explore my faith and further commit myself to the example of Christ. Through this special counseling, I’ve planned and led my own Bible study and begun a deeper understanding of the word of God and how it can be used to my benefit in life.


About The Author

Nathan Moore is a graduate of the University of Georgia. His past positions include serving as a sports beat writer for the Red & Black Newspaper and as an MMJ for Grady Newsource. Nathan thinks that storytelling is one of the greatest gifts God ever gave man, and the desire to meet people, change lives, and have fun through a life of storytelling is what has guided him throughout his career.




“God is always at work around us, and He desires that we join Him in what He is doing.”
-Henry Blackaby
My wife and I were part of the first group of folks that went through Restoring Your Heart way back in the day.  Jack Larson and some of his team from Stone Mountain led it and did an awesome job of laying the groundwork for the ministry.
I am a part of RYH because I have found few things in ministry that are fulfilling and give such purpose to my life. Most of the groups I have led have been with people from my church. In the last few years, I have been leading RYH groups at a ministry called “A Better Way.” It is an 18-month discipleship program for men who struggle with life-controlling issues such as drugs and alcohol. They can join the program voluntarily, be mandated to join by the legal system, or come after being released from prison.
Most of these men come from very dysfunctional backgrounds. In the group I am now finishing, only one has not come from a broken family. Six have had family, cousins, or close friends who were murdered or overdosed on drugs. All but one have done jail or prison time. So much pain and suffering has come into their lives that they all have a long way to go to find healing. But God is faithful, and I am seeing their hearts change week by week. 

Lesson 7 of the new RYH Processing Pain Workbook has to do with participants giving a blessing to each other. I believed that they would be unable to give something they had never received. I felt led to do the lesson in a different way. I proceeded to research the origin and meaning of each man’s name. The night of the class I asked the men to be in an attitude of prayer. I then went to each man and sat in front of him. I put my hand on his knee and I looked him in the eyes. A blessing comes with a touch, a word, and needs to be face-to-face.

As I spoke to each man, I called him by his name and assured him God found no fault with him. As I explained the origin and meaning of his name, I called him into that identity in Christ. Several men were in tears. Most had probably never heard such things said about them. I could see their hearts open up like flowers as they allowed these deposits to be made into them.

At the end of the session, no one was talking. God had shown up that night and it was undeniable that He had done a great work in the lives of these men. This blessing has made a noticeable difference in how they see themselves today.


My name is Gordon MacFarlane, and I live in Fayetteville, GA, with Waynette, my wife of 49 years. We have two grown sons. Blake lives in Cedar Park, TX with his wife Elizabeth and their two children Ella and Will. Our other son Hunter lives in Newnan, GA. He is a full-time fireman in Dekalb and a part-time fireman in Roswell.


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This is a video provided to WDA by our partner. You can learn more about disciple building by reading Disciple Building: A Biblical Framework and about our Materials available for our ministry on our materials pages.

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