Wrapping up 2021

Happy New Year! As we wrap up 2021 it’s encouraging to look back and see how God has been leading us and where He has been working. One of our prayer requests in our last newsletter was for small group Bible studies to get off the ground. We now have a consistent group of high schoolers that meet on Monday nights to study God’s Word. What a praise! Please continue to pray with us that this group will grow deeper in their desire to know God and apply His Word to their lives. We are also praying for more transparency in the group and deeper sharing as the kids get to know each other and the leaders better.

Club / Outreaches

We had a great turnout of kids for our November outreach. Kate, one of our college student leaders, gave a powerful message about trusting God during discouraging times. She used a combination of recent stories from her own life as well as scripture from the book of Job. All eyes were focused on Kate as she shared some of her own hardships, discouragement with health issues, setbacks in her athletic career, as well as relationship struggles. This led to some deep discussions and prayers during the small group time. Our motto for our outreaches is: ” A party with a purpose!” We want the kids to bring their friends, have fun AND hear about how much God loves them and wants to free them from their sin. Below is a picture of Kate giving her talk at Club.
We continue to see new faces at our monthly outreaches and pray that these students want to keep coming back to hear more. God has also blessed us with two potential new leaders from another small college nearby, St Mary’s of the Woods (SMW). One of our current leaders spoke at a local high school FCA group last year & connected with Ava, who was a high school senior and president of FCA at the time. Ava is now a freshman at SMW college and one of the college students who is now coming to help with our events! So amazing to see how God works through connections!

Ready for 2022!

Shannon is starting the new year off by taking several of our college leaders on a leaders retreat to the Passion Conference in Atlanta! It is an amazing conference geared towards 18 to 25-year-olds and encouraging them to make their lives count for Christ. The worship is fantastic and the lineup of speakers includes Louie Giglio & wife Shelley ( hosts of the conference ) as well as Tim Tebow, Sadie Robertson, and several others. Please pray that God keeps us safe on our travels and uses this time to fill & refresh us as well as guide and direct us. If you would like to make a financial donation towards our trip you can do that here:https://www.disciplebuilding.org/give/greg-hammond/

Thank you so much for partnering with us in this ministry! May the Lord bless you with His peace and His joy in 2022!

Much love,

Greg and Shannon


From the Desk of Zablon Mukoshi 

WDA Kenya 

December 2021 

Dear Friend, 

My name is Pastor Zablon Mukoshi from Western Kenya, Kakamega County. I’m the founding  bishop of Saints Redemption Church, Kenya.  

I came to know WDA in 2013 when I attended a seminar in Bungoma where missionaries from the  U.S. were teaching leadership maturity, forgiveness, and Processing Pain. Before the end of that  seminar, I presented to them a list of names of persons I had vowed never to forgive, to help me  learn how to forgive them. 

I also learned another mistake I frequently used to make that could have cost my church’s growth.  The mistake was appointing immature leaders, based on their educational level and financial  stability. These WDA lessons healed me as a person, healed my marriage, other family matters, and  my ministry at large. Through the same lessons, God has used me to assist others, reconcile family  disputes, church leaders’ conflicts, and establish church stability. Praise the Lord!  

Here is a list of things God has done for me in 2021: 

  • Gift of life for me and my family, good (or restored) health for us all. I had two kids in the  university already and, although struggling, I now have the 3rd there as well.  Steady church growth, even with the pandemic. By faith, we have started to build a new  church building since the old one is collapsing.  
  • My wife was promoted to the position of pastor.  
  • The lockdown has been lifted and our WDA groups have resumed meeting in person. 

Goals for 2022: 

  • Spreading God’s Word in places I have never been.  
  • Creating more WDA groups with a target of 3,000 new members  


  • Finishing building the new church.  
  • Increasing our church membership from 70 adults to 100.  
  • Counsel and guide my kids to keep upholding God’s Word in their  

hearts. Pray for their success in school. 

Financial needs for 2022: $5,000

Your financial partnership and fervent prayers are helping to underwrite ministry work that exalts  God in the lives of individuals & advances His Kingdom here on earth. I cannot thank you enough! 

Yours Faithfully,Zablon


From the Office of WDA Ethiopia 

Dr. Zekarias Amdebirhan Tiruneh, Dawit Indrias , Mekonnen Adamu

December 2021 

Dear Friend, 

Here in Ethiopia, as a nation, as a Church, and ministers of God, we are passing through hard times.  As you are already informed, the Covid-19 pandemic affected our society, churches, as well as our  families in one way or another. 

In Northern parts of Ethiopia, there is a stern war between the rebel groups called The Tigray  People Liberation Front and The Ethiopia Defense Force. In the Western Part of the country, there  is a war between The Oromo Liberation Army and The Ethiopian Defense Force. Due to the severity  of these wars more than two million people are displaced from the Tigray, Amhara and Afar  Regions. Innocent people are killed, women are raped, and children are starved. The crises are  escalating day to day. 

In all these challenges, we thank God that we (WDA Ethiopia Staff Members) can visit, encourage,  pray, and share the Word of God for our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Ministry Accomplishments for 2021: 

  • Trained 28 ministers using WDA Cornerstone materials 
  • Trained 45 men and women using WDA Cornerstone 


Goals For 2022: 

  • Lead Restoring Your Heart seminars for pastors,  

evangelists, and church members throughout Ethiopia. 

Financial Needs for 2022: $6,000 

  • Transportation and Lodging for seminars 
  • Projector, Video camera, photo camera 
  • Office space rental 

Your financial partnership and fervent prayers are helping to underwrite ministry work that exalts  God in the lives of individuals & advances His Kingdom here on earth. We cannot thank you enough! 

Your Brothers in Christ, Zekarias, Dawit, and Mekonnen


From the Desk of Reign Bucsit 

WDA Philippines 

December 2021 

Dear Friend, 

On April 1st, one of the missionaries in the residential shelter that I’m working with tested positive  for COVID-19. Since we were all exposed to her, 29 out of the 38 around her were positive for COVID-19. My mom and my daughter were among the 29. Since my mom was a senior citizen, she  was sent to a different health facility with other senior citizens. It was good that my daughter was  allowed to stay with her. The rest of the affected staff and girls were quarantined in the second  floor of the facility while I was in the first floor with one staff member and four girls who tested negative. It was a difficult time for us emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. It was a  struggle for me to serve on the spiritual front line for the others  while my mom and daughter were away from me. But I still thank  the Lord because He reassured us that His hand is on us – He was  covering us from any danger. We are grateful that we had all the  medicines and oxygen tanks that we needed for COVID-19  complications and that we also had access to doctors online who  checked in on us.  

Residential Shelter

The experience was bizarre – we were experiencing hardships but we were also in awe of God’s  presence and mercy. After two weeks of quarantine, everyone was declared free from COVID-19,  and we immediately used that time to give praise and worship to our God. 

Ministry Accomplishments for 2021 

In the ministry, we were able to finish Understanding Emotions for 5 groups with a total of 23 ladies.  There are 17 ladies who are ready to undergo Restoring Your Heart Leadership Training, while one of  them is already undergoing leadership training with Nancy Higgins. I have also finished Life Coaching for 2 women earlier this year. This year, we also finished translating Understanding Emotions for Men  and Understanding Emotions for Women in Taglish! Other things ongoing for November and  December are Phase III Healthy Relationships with a group of young disciples and an Introduction to  Restoring Your Heart for a group of mothers. 

Goals for 2022 

  • Facilitate at least 2 RYH Leadership Trainings for Women 
  • Facilitate at least 1 Phase IV or V group 
  • Facilitate 1 Processing Pain group and 1 Understanding Emotions group 

Please help me continue doing this important work that is transforming lives!  I have a personal goal of adding an extra $500/month to my current support or  raising at least $6,000 in special end-of-year gifts. 

Your financial partnership and fervent prayers are helping to underwrite ministry  work that exalts God in the lives of individuals & advances His Kingdom here on  earth.  

With all my love and gratitude, Reign


From the Desk of Margret Kunda 

WDA Zambia 

December 2021 

Dear Friend, 

After experiencing overwhelming joy and tremendous peace  from Restoring Your Heart I began sharing about the healing  that it brought me with other women. I formed a group of 5  women at my local church and began a Processing Pain  group with them. Then I went to another church and started  a group with 8 women. Then I started moving from my  town, Kitwe, into other towns to form groups to train and  equip the women with this wonderful truth.  This has earned me the name “Mama Restoring Your Heart”.  I have trained more than 50 women who have also  multiplied in this training of Restoring Your Heart. I have  witnessed women share broken, painful stories and been  blessed to witness how the Lord has healed them and  brought untold joy to their lives. 

We must work the works of him who sent me while it is day; night is coming, when no one can work. John 9:4 

Goals for 2022  

  • Restoring Your Heart Training for women in Mibanse 
  • Lead a RYH group with 8 women at the local church 
  • Lead a RYH group with 8 women in Samfya 
  • Lead a How Emotional Problems Develop group with
  • 6 women at Ndeke Baptist Church 

Financial Needs 

  • Transport and Lodging to Mibanse $300 
  • Printing of Materials $100 
  • Transport and lodging to Samfya $350 
  • Housing and ministry car maintenance $1,700 

 Blessings, Margret