Biblical Disciple Building is a process which leads to Christlike maturity, and ultimately, to transformation ( 2 Cor. 3:18).

Simply put, Disciple Building is anything that helps people think, feel, and act like Jesus.

What is a Disciple Building Church or Ministry?


A Disciple Building Church, ministry, workplace or community understands that the materials necessary for building a healthy, thriving Church are the people. Not programs, but a culture. Strong, solid, mature believers produce more strong, solid, mature believers.

The 4 constructs listed below are intentional elements woven within the framework of a church or ministry with healthy disciple building culture.

More than just a Program

Christ’s approach to creating a Disciple Building Culture is about:


  • Life-on-Life discipleship
  • Equipping the saints for ministry and discipleship
  • Breaking down strongholds that prohibit growth
  • Teaching people to obey everything Christ has commanded
  • Cultivating a healthy, safe, and mature environment where growth never stops taking place
  • Building disciples who build disciples.

Laying a Foundation for Maturity



A Disciple Building Church ensures, within the context of relationship, that the foundational truths of faith in Christ are understood and rooted deeply within the believer; so when doubts and trials inevitably come, they stand strong in the midst of the storm.


 Developing Mature Ministry Leaders



A Disciple Building Church builds mature and effective leaders and gives them responsibility over ministries that, in turn, also produce mature and effective believers..


Training Effective Disciple Builders



A Disciple Building Church trains up effective disciple builders, those who seek to meet people where they are and take them to the next step of their holistic and practical growth in Christ.


Achieving Freedom 


Emotional Darkness





A Disciple Building Church recognizes that true discipleship goes hand in hand with relational restoration and emotional freedom. Growth is stunted or withers when healing does not take place. Individuals, congregations, and communities thrive when healing is orchestrated.