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WDA Annual Report 2016 David Parfitt Special Message

After 43 years, our mission is STILL the SAME: To serve the church, worldwide, by developing Christlike character in people and equipping them to disciple others according to the pattern Jesus used to train his disciples. This past year we lived this mission like never before! I continue to be awestruck as I witness the […]

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Building a Worldwide Discipleship Association Philippines 2017

Building a Worldwide Discipleship Association Philippines 2017 Partnerships, Partners and Friends This year, WDA expanded its work in the Philippines on a scale that is somewhat overwhelming, yet very exciting and humbling..  What is most impressive is that it hasn’t  even been a full year at all,  but rather just 8 months. Since last May […]

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Can I really use a ebook in my small group?

I have wondered over the last few years if WDA should publish our Guided Discussions as a ebook. Could we actually deliver a meaningful experience for our customers who might not want to carry a book to their group. One younger leader mentioned that he was excited about the new workbooks we publish for Cornerstone […]

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