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The Uniqueness Of Each Person

The Uniqueness Of Each Person I’m always amazed when I think of how God created a world that’s filled with incredible diversity and variety. There are different kinds of colors, tastes, sounds, foods, scenery, animals, ideas, types of leisure… (and the list just goes on and on). But one area that is especially intriguing to […]

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Global Disciple Builder Podcast – Tial Thanga: Simplicity

After his seminary education in the United States, Tial Thanga returned to his home country of Myanmar in the early 90’s, which at that time was under a military dictatorship. Since then, Tial has been instrumental in development of schools and churches throughout the country. In 1995, Tial started Reformed Seminary in Yangon. Tial’s most […]

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The American Association of Christian Counselors – RYH Booth

WDA’s Restoring Your Heart Ministry had a busy and fun week meeting all kinds of counselors, lay leaders and ministers at The American Association of Christian Counselors World Conference. Our RYH staff and Booth Volunteers were manning the booth from Wednesday to Saturday and had wonderful time telling people about the benefits of RYH for Counselors and […]

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Created in the Image of God

Have you ever felt confused and frustrated by the behavior of another person? Or been confused by your own behavior? “Why did I say that?” “Why did I do that?” Understanding people—both ourselves and others—is important to our own personal growth and to our ability to impact the lives of others. This series of Pocket […]

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WDA Annual Report 2016 David Parfitt Special Message

After 43 years, our mission is STILL the SAME: To serve the church, worldwide, by developing Christlike character in people and equipping them to disciple others according to the pattern Jesus used to train his disciples. This past year we lived this mission like never before! I continue to be awestruck as I witness the […]

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Building a Worldwide Discipleship Association Philippines 2017

Building a Worldwide Discipleship Association Philippines 2017 Partnerships, Partners and Friends This year, WDA expanded its work in the Philippines on a scale that is somewhat overwhelming, yet very exciting and humbling..  What is most impressive is that it hasn’t  even been a full year at all,  but rather just 8 months. Since last May […]

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Can I really use a ebook in my small group?

I have wondered over the last few years if WDA should publish our Guided Discussions as a ebook. Could we actually deliver a meaningful experience for our customers who might not want to carry a book to their group. One younger leader mentioned that he was excited about the new workbooks we publish for Cornerstone […]

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The Thrilla in Manila

Muhammad Ali and Joe Frasier faced off in the 3rd matchup of their boxing careers. The previous meetings had them tied one win each. In what was an amazing fight, Ali won by technical knockout in the 15th round. The bout is ranked in the sport as one of the best in the sports history. […]

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Conquering Shame

Shame is subtle and sometimes difficult to name, much less to remove. This is our hope as we sit together for these upcoming weeks. To make at least a start at ferreting out this most painful of emotions. We are looking for the beginnings of freedom from shame.

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Life Coaching

  Life Coaching, an Introduction “When I return to my hometown I often meet someone who says, “I’ll never forget your dad.  He taught me to play baseball.”  My father coached in the recreation league for nearly twenty years.  Several of his players played professionally, including two of my brothers.  (Watching one of them pitch […]

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What’s Missing? 28/20 Conference DVD Preview

Why is Discipleship critical for the church worldwide?  The WDA 2820 Conference DVD provides insight from WDA President Bob Dukes and Restoring Your Heart Leader Jack Larson.  Watch this introductory video and consider getting this conference produced on DVD and suitable for use in many ministry contexts.

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