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Conquering Shame

Shame is subtle and sometimes difficult to name, much less to remove. This is our hope as we sit together for these upcoming weeks. To make at least a start at ferreting out this most painful of emotions. We are looking for the beginnings of freedom from shame.

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A Metaphor For Healing

Each day that I sit in my counseling room, I listen to people share their stories. Stories that come with pain and stories that come with questions. Am I going to get better? Am I crazy? Will this ever end? Why did God let this happen to me? To find answers and to feel better, […]

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the heart tree

Protecting Your Child’s Heart

Because children interpret events with their emotions, it is important to protect your child’s heart. Many of the people I work with have been wounded by parents who have not been protective of this treasure. Some of their parents have been wounded themselves and have done the best they could. However, their own woundedness has […]

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conflict resolution

Conflict is my new best friend

Who likes conflict? Hmmm, I don’t see any raised hands or hear any resounding “I dos.” Yeah, I hate conflict too. It is painful and scary and it makes me feel out of control and vulnerable. And yet, conflict is a part of life. God allows it, God assures us that we will have it […]

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Barren Tree

The Cycle of Grief

August 18, 1998. The day my younger sister Lizzie died. I remember pretty much every detail of that day. I was driving with John, her 13 year old son, from Stone Mountain to Augusta so we could see her one last time before she died. John had been spending the weekend with me to try […]

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Dancing with Tolerance

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, And live like it’s heaven on earth.” ― William W. Purkey The first time I heard this quote, I loved it. I especially loved the first line; dance like there’s nobody watching. That’s because on the rare […]

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you need help

Should I ask? I’m not sure

Remember when you were a little baby lying in your crib and all of a sudden you started crying and you didn’t even know why? Then someone put something in your little mouth and you tasted milk and you didn’t need to cry anymore. Then remember you started crying again and you still didn’t know […]

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Why are you so needy?

Did you ever have anyone in your life who you just wanted to turn to and yell, “Why are you so needy?” Sometimes it might even be your own child, or spouse. Sometimes it is a person who truly IS too needy and no matter what you do for them, they always need more. I […]

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Got any thoughts on Restoration?

In this Pocket Principle, we learn about how restoration occurs in us spiritually. And since all our parts interact when we experience spiritual restoration, we also get restored mentally, emotionally and even physically. Read on to learn what God had in mind when he gave us the Gift of Restoration. Hopefully, this will cause you […]

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